Bulgogi Brothers revealed its new “Hot Lunch” promotion today, featuring an array of hearty and affordable South Korean dishes comprising seven delectably unique combination of flavours guaranteed to warm both heart and appetite.

“The HOT Lunch promotion highlights our signature dishes and the best of what Bulgogi Brothers has to offer in aesthetically pleasing, delicious set meals ideal for busy professionals, executives and businessmen, ” said Ivy Ho, Senior Marketing Manager of Chaswood Resources Holdings Ltd.

From RM16.90++, customers can savour the gastronomic charm of Bulgogi Brothers and comfort dishes such as the Janchi Guksu Noodle Set, a veritable feast of steaming hot Korean noodles bathed in a fresh seafood-infused broth and garnished with egg and a sprinkling of fresh vegetables. This tantalizing set meal is accompanied by a piquant Korean pancake cooked to perfection.

For poultry lovers, Bulgogi Brothers’s Chicken Kimchi Jjigae Set will certainly delight with tender chicken pieces, velvety cubes of tofu and rice cakes mixed into a bowl of rich and aromatic spicy kimchi stew. A fresh salad and rice accompanies this appetizing lunch set.

Alternatively, whet your appetite with the Spicy Chicken Maekjeok Set. Bulgogi Brothers’ homemade sweet & spicy sauce dribbled liberally over skewers of succulent chicken and vegetables make up a finger-licking affair whilst the accompanying rice and fresh salad balances the flavours and satiates the appetite.

Fans of bibimbap will not be disappointed as the HOT Lunch menu offers a choice of two sets. Bulgogi Brothers’ Chicken Bibimbap Set features a generous helping of rice mixed with tender chicken pieces marinated in a home-made spicy glaze, accompanied by a selection of seasonal vegetables. A palatable serving of Korean pancake filled with shrimp & green onions serves to tie together this flavour-laden set meal of gastronomic delight. Beef lovers will discover that the Beef Bibimbap Set posesses the same aromatic blend of spice and flavour as the Chicken Bibimbap Set with generous helpings of succulent beef and fresh legumes coupled with a side serving of hot Korean pancake.

For something that is typically Korean, try the Kangdoenjang Set. The fragrant traditional Korean soybean paste stew blanketed by a bounty of bite-sized morsels of minced beef, chilli and soft tofu accompanied by rice and fresh vegetables ties off this proud revelry of Korean flavours and is a perfect introduction to Korean cuisine.

BBQ lovers and female diners will delight in the flavourful and aesthetically pleasing, Unyangsik Bulgogi Set, featuring 4 heart-shaped beef patties lovingly marinated in special bulgogi sauce imported directly from Korea and grilled to perfection by highly qualified chefs. Accompanied by janchi guksu noodles or loosely translated as healthy wheat flour “banquet noodles” in hot broth, and a fresh salad, the Unyangsik Bulgogi Set sets the standard for culinary excellence and gastronomic satisfaction.

Discover the delights of Bulgogi Brothers’ “Hot Lunch” set meal promotion that includes six refillable scrumptious side dishes and a choice of aromatic imported corn or brown rice Korean tea today! At the end of every “Hot Lunch” set meal, diners can refresh their palates with a complimentary platter of seasonal fruits and chilled plum tea. This festivity of food and gusto reveals another side of Korean cuisine, a whole new chapter of tastes means that diners are guaranteed to enjoy every last bite, morsel & drop of quality that Bulgogi Brothers has to offer without the accustomed wait associated with Korean BBQ. The “Hot Lunch” set meal promotion is offered at all Bulgogi Brothers Korean BBQ Restaurants in Malaysia and is available from Monday to Friday until 3pm from April 8 onwards.

For enquiries or reservations, kindly contact the individual Bulgogi Brothers outlets at 03-7722 3633 ( E-Curve ); 03-2382 2415 ( Mid Valley ); 03-7887 3543 ( Paradigm Mall ); and 03-2141 9620( Pavilion KL ) or log on to www.bulgogibrothers.com.my or facebook.com/BulgogiBros.My

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