WATAMI Japanese Casual Dining Restaurant will showcase ten delicious, yet comfortingly familiar dishes with their “Greatest Hits” range this month.
Every dish in the “Greatest Hits” range offers a delectable introduction to Watami’s culinary expertise and creativity enjoyed by fans the world over. “ The “Greatest Hits” highlights our signature dishes and comprise of the best of what Watami has to offer in terms of contemporary Japanese casual dining delights,” said P.J. Yap, Marketing Executive for Chaswood-Watami.
-Tsubuse Mentai Potato Salad-


The “Greatest Hits” range of dishes priced from RM 12.90 ++ can be enjoyed in the company of family and friends as they are in sharing-friendly size portions. Begin your culinary adventure at Watami with the Tsubuse Mentai Potato Salad; the perfect appetizer for any diner with its plethora of flavours and snack-like portion. Wafers of crisp fried bacon serve as the perfect platform for the salmon roe sprinkled throughout the salad; and whilst the wedges of hardboiled egg and nuggets of potato are enveloped in Watami’s special mayonnaise, slivers of white radish and sliced of boiled carrots provide a refreshing bite.
-Salmon Sashimi Don-
-Tokyo Gyudon-
It is only appropriate that a fantastic appetizer should be followed by a fantastic main course, and with the “Greatest Hits” range, diners will be spoilt for choice. The Salmon Sashimi Don is a traditional Japanese dish injected with Watami’s unique taste; the fresh slices of fresh salmon with a beautiful home-made glaze on a bed of rice are tied together with salmon roe, bringing out a delicious melange of flavours guaranteed to delight. For those seeking more substantial portions, tantalize your tastebuds with a heartily satisfying Tokyo Gyudon. Its perfectly cooked slices of beef mixed with classic japanese rice and garnished with spring onion offers a new level of gastronomic comfort by allowing diners to stir in a perfectly half-boiled egg into the succulent beef by themselves; creating their own blend of flavours with every delicious mouthful.
-Mochi Cheese Okonomiyaki-
-Watami’s Zaru Soba-
Another Japanese classic to undergo Watami’s interpretation is the Mochi Cheese Okonomiyaki, and whilst the idea of cheese and mochi do not mix; this dish will both surprise and delight. The cheese only serves to bring out the dominant taste of the special okonomiyaki sauce whilst a gentle blanket of bonito flakes and Watami mayonnaise enhances the already delectable flavours, resulting in a simple but satisfying dish. Watami’s Zaru Soba not only finds a way to combat the hot and humid Malaysian weather but also allows the diner to adjust the taste to their own preferences. A tumbler of tsuyu sauce is accompanied with portions of spring onion, wasabi and dried seaweed, allowing diners to concoct their own unique broth; an homage to Watami’s contemporary food movement. Paired with a generous helping of cold but fresh buckwheat noodles to submerge into the broth, this dish serves to refresh and satisfy.


Budding chefs, young diners, and those who find joy in cooking will certainly enjoy ordering the Wafu Touban Gyu Steak, the Unagi Kamameshi and the Hokkai Shio Chanko Nabe dishes. The Wafu Touban Gyu Steak dish features a deck of perfectly marbled beef and is accompanied by a miniature frying pan and stove; allowing the diner to customize the doneness of the meat to their liking; from rare to well done, the diner is entirely in control.


Watami’s Unagi Kamameshi dish requires fifteen minutes to cook but rewards your patience with astonishingly satisfying flavours. The rice and unagi (eel) is patiently cooked in a customized miniature rice cooker right in front of your eyes. When the Unagi Kamameshi is ready to eat, the nuggets of perfectly seasoned eel have infused their juices in the rice; saturating it with a fragrant sweetness of seasoned seafood whilst the sprinkling of spring onion and seaweed complements the wholesome dish.


Watami’s Hokkai Shio Chanko Nabe is perfect for any occasion. Customers familiar with hotpots and steamboats will be pleasantly surprised with Watami’s own unique interpretation. A bouquet of fresh ingredients comprising of fresh clam, squid and salmon, meaty chicken thigh, cabbage, leek, carrot, shungiku, white tofu, aburaage, shitake and enoki mushroom simmered in a sumptuous chicken broth. With free and unlimited refillable broth; diners can take their time to savour and discover the delectable medley of flavours that keeps you coming back for more. Diners also have the option of ordering a fresh egg along with rice or udon to mix into the remaining broth and vegetables; ensuring that every ounce of flavour is enjoyed to the fullest.


Pair off your chosen dish with a refreshing tall glass of green citrus cola and end your culinary journey of discovery on a sweet note with Watami’s signature matcha parfait, a harmonious compilation of sweet and chewy Shiratama dumplings (glutinous rice balls), a popular Japanese dessert topping; a generous helping of green tea kanten jelly and sweet red bean paste, all topped with a generous scoop of rich matcha-flavoured ice cream.
This veritable package of beautiful Japanese culinary delights combined with great ambience and highly professional, attentive Japanese-trained staff makes Watami a must-visit for fans of modern Japanese cuisine.

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