It was a lazy day and we did not have much idea to dine. Thinking to get a try on the food court in Kepong and he headed there. A heavy traffic had poured out during our way to Kepong and being that, Jerry came out the idea to try some steamboat instead of food court food.

– The Steamboat Set-
– The Steamboat Set-

We spotted the steamboat shop as we pass through and we decide to give a try for the steamboat. The steamboat which is served is not in buffet style but it is served in set style. The steamboat are served in a plate where it has the serving for 1 which is eatable for 2. The steamboat comes with a prawn, different type of fishballs, taufu, crabmeats, taufu pok and vegetables. The set is pretty standard and nothing to shout about. The ingridients is quite fresh as well. It is also being served together with the noodles and an egg.

As for the soup, they have two choices of soup to choose for. You can get a taste of the tomyam or clearsoup which is free in the set. If you opt for the fish head soup, there will be an additional charges of RM 7.00 for it. We opt for a clear soup and a fish head soup for the steamboat.The fish head soup has some fish meat which can be found in the soup as well.

And here, arrived our set meal and we start the steamboat. The taste is quite good but the set variety is slightly a disappointment where they do not have much ingridients which is served with it.

We also ordered additional add-ons which is the pork meat balls. It is quite delicious with the bouncy texture as well.

Overall the steamboat soup is quite good but it is just there is not much variety on the choices of food and everything is need to be add-ons.

Taste : 3/5
Steamboat Set : RM 13.80 /set
Soup Base: RM 7.00
Pork Balls: RM 8.00

40-42, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 3,
Taman Usahawan Kepong, Kepong Utara,
52100 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel : 03-62413632

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