Basically, Modbox in a beauty box subscription service, whereby a user subscribe to a monthly box filled with 5 types of beauty products samples for a mere RM19 a month with an add on of delivery & handling cost – Peninsular Malaysia (RM9 per box), East Malaysia (RM11 per box). The beauty products we get is a surprise, we won’t know what it is until it arrives. The box is filled with purple color and its indeed my favorite color. 

The March Modbox is filled with SF Beauty Skin’s Remover Cleansing Gel, Timeless and Whitening Cream from Cosmeteq, Le Masque Hazelia’s mask, SF Beauty Skin’s tinted Sunblock and and a full sized Luview’s Long Lash Mascara.

Luview – Gleam Full Long Lash Mascara (full size) – RM 42.90/14g

Cosmeteq – Timeless,5g – RM 46.90/5g
Cosmeteq – Whitening Cream/5g – RM 19.90/5g
SF Beauty Skin – Remover Cleansing Gel Sachet/10ml – RM 100/150ml
SF Beauty Skin – Perfect Glow Sunscreen/6ml – RM 125/30ml
Le Masque Hazelia – Grape Multiple Moisturising Mask, 1pc – RM 29.90 per box of 10pcs

Luview | Gream Full Long Lash Mascara 14g  

1. Luview | Gream Full Long Lash Mascara 14g (RM42.90/14g)

It is a Korea product .Fibre coat mascara adds length to lashes and give a gorgeous volume. Smudge-proof, waterproof, clump-free and easy to remove without pulling off lashes.

2.Cosmeteq | Timeless 5g(RM139.90/15g     RM46.90/5g)

This serum is super anti-oxidant that increases collagen production to renew skin’s firmness and fight photo-aging.

3.Cosmeteq | Whitening Cream 5g (RM59.90/15g/RM19.90/5g)

Contains natarul actives that restricts melanin from forming.

4.SF Beauty Skin | Remover Cleansing Gel 10ml (RM100/150ml     RM6.70/10ml)

Effortlessly removes all heavy duty makeup and works as a cleanser too.

5.SF Beauty Skin |  Perfect Glow Sunscreen 6ml (RM125/30ml      RM25/6ml)

Protect skin from harmful UV rays. Perfect to be used as light coverage.

6. Le Masque Hazelia | Grape Multiple Moisturising(1pcs RM29.90/ 1 BOX 10 pcs)

Perfectly refreshing and rejuvenating indulgence

Overall I could say the product is simply worth to purchase unfortunately they come out with their new look coming this summer. But for this month, there are more samples :(

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