Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate with family and friends and in Armada Hotel this year, they have their Chinese New Year set menu. The restaurant serves the Halal Chinese Cuisine which you can celebrate your Chinese New Year dinner there with family, friends and collegue too.

– The Prosperity Yee Sang with Abalone and Salmon in Mango Tangy Sauce-
– The Prosperity Yee Sang with Abalone and Salmon in Mango Tangy Sauce-

How about having the a toast of prosperity at the Armada Hotel. The Prosperity Yee sang with Abalone & Salmon in Mango Tangy Sauce is certainly not to be missed during Chinese New Year where Armada Hotel serves with the scrumptious delicious Yee Sang where it is serve d with abalone, jelly fish as well as fresh salmon. The sauce is then poured into the fresh Yee Sang which creates which gives a tasty sauce where the sauce is a combination of the Australian Mango Juice, Apple, Lime and Lemon Sauce in it. The combination of it with the sesame and scrumptious of grinded peanuts makes the dish even more perfect.

– Braised Eight Treasure Soup-

Next we had the Braised Eight Treasure Soup where the soup is being served together with the sharkfin, sea cucumber, crab meat, sliced mushrooms, dried squids as well as “Yue Soon” (literally translate: fish mouth) . The soup offers the scrumptious taste and it is thick at its texture as well. The soup is nutritiously well made and it’s taste is lovely.

Double Boil Duck Broth Cantonese Style which is being served was a good combination of dish. The scrumptious duck where it is stuffed with various of ingredients like- mini sweet corn, button mushroom, carrot, dried mushroom, gingko and lychee with it. It is then being braised for 3 hours where the sweet sauce from the lychee can infused to the duck meat as well. The dish is good and what I love with the tender duck meat which is being served.

-Steam Pomfret in Abalone Sauce-
-Steam Pomfret in Abalone Sauce.-

I am fascinated on this dish- Steam Pomfret in Abalone Sauce. The presentation is indeed eye catching where the fish bones are being deep fried whole the meat is being cooked together with the abalone sauce. The dish simply scrumptious and the fish is also very fresh. It is well mixed together with the abalone sauce which is served together with it.

Stir Fried Mussel with Taukan and Mushroom in Yam Ring is not too much of my favorite as I am not a yam lovers though. The yam ring is being served with the assorted vegetables which includes mushrooms, oysters, chicken meat, button mushroom, carrots and “tau kan”. As for the yam ring, it is being cooked with butter and wrapped together with a lot of ingredients like wheat starch and more.

-Two Varieties of Prawns-
-Two Varieties of Prawns-
Two Varieties of Prawns is next which is being served.  The salad prawn is being served together with the topped with mayonnaise sauce and also served together with chopped strawberry, kiwi and honeydew mix. Another set of the prawns are being deep with salt & pepper. The prawns which is served together with it are fresh and the dish is simply good and tasty too.

We ended our meal with the Steam Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf. The glutinous rice is served with mushroom and chicken ham as well as other ingredients too.

Traditional Sweet Longan Dessert is nothing special as it is a great traditional mix with the longan, sea coconut as well as gingko together with it.

-Admiral Fancy Duet-
-Admiral Fancy Duet-

We ended the meals with the Admiral Fancy Duet where the fish which is served have red beans in it and the small tiny bun is stuffed with the “Nian Gao”. Both the delights are well made with the light sweetness in it.

The sets available are as below

-The Hallmark of Archievement-


-Blissful  Abundance-
-Abundance of Jade-



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