It is getting more restaurant in The Sphere and Zest Cafe in the Bangsar South is offering the healthy living path with the tagline “Food for the body, and food for the soul”. It’s rather appropriate actually, as we were told that Zest Cafe practises MSG-free, low salt, low sugar, low cream, no deep-fried food, no margarine, only butter, and uses 100% olive oil. During the Christmas Season, Zest also had their Zesty Christmas Set Menu too and their Christmas Menu is filled with the 4 course meal which is at the affordable price of RM 28.80+/set. The set which are being served comes with a Soup, Salad, 1 Main Course as well as the fruit cooler.There is 3 choices of mains to choose – Rosemary Chicken Thigh with BBQ Sauce, Fried Chicken Tenders which is served with the Cheezy Sauce & Spaghetti and the Fish Slices with Spiced Rice.

We started up with the Peas Soup with Carrot Swirl.The pea soup is coming up with the pure and lovely taste of the green pea and the delights is simply good and refreshing. The taste of the greenie vegetable blended taste is simply lovely and it is being garnished with the top of the carrot puree as well as some bread crumbs with it to make the soup perfect.

Being in the Christmas mood, the Zesty Turkey Salad with Pumpkin and Barley is being served. The tender turkey meat is served together with the fresh greeniews and pumpkin as well as the soury barley with it. It is also being topped with the capsicum and the baby tomato with it to create some colors to the dish. The healthy mixed which is added into the salad is the soury barley

Now we are moving to the mains, the Rosemary Chicken Thigh with BBQ Sauce and mashed potato is my choice. The chicken is well marinated more than 6 hours where the first round of marination is too tenderlize the meat and the second round of marination is on the spices. After it is being marinated, it is being pan fried and served with the BBQ Sauce as well as the generous amount of mashed potato with it. The dish is well made and delicious with the tender juicy chicken as well as the flavorful sauce which is accompanied together with it.

Calling up next is the Fried Chicken Tenders which is served with the Cheezy Sauce & Spaghetti. The Chicken is being deep fried with less oil and it is added with the scrumptious cheese with the spaghetti. The fried chicken is tender in its meat as well as the delights is not too oily as well which is a selling point of the dish.

Last but not least they also have the Fish Slices with Spiced Rice. The Thai rice is being cooked with the spices which is the aglio olio spices to enhance the flavors. As for the fish, they uses the garupa fish for the cooking which turns the whole dish to be simply delighting and lovely. The fish slices is flavorful, fresh and juicy.

Not only that, the set comes with the fruit cooler which is the dragon fruit juice.

Zest Cafe
Unit 1-2, 1st Floor, The Sphere, No 1, Avenue 1,
Bangsar South, 8 Jalan Kerinchi
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: 03-2242 0389
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.zestcafe.com.my/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ZestCafeRestaurant

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