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-The Chef in Action-

Picknik is a nice place of meal is nothing much from Nik Michael Imran who is he affable chef who embarked with his first restaurant recently. The chef himself had followed the father’s footsteps and embarking his career in the F&B industry. The restaurant is nothing to fancy about as the place is indeed a great place for a decent lovely meals with family and friends. The restaurant is bringing a great tagline where they provide comfort food. The restaurant open their kitchen and plates to comfort with their customers.

– Stracciatella-

We started our meal with the Stracciatella where the soup is being served with the Itallian chicken consomme infused with Parmesan, croutons, parsley, and egg white ribbons. A bona fide rarity in KL. The soup is very appetizing with the smooth texture. The soup is simply soothing and it is also sinfully good which I love to get the second bowl. The soup is well flavoured which is a big kudos for it.
Price: RM 7.00

Next we had the salad which is the Watercress and Pear with Nuts . The delights is well prepared with the fresh peppery watercress tattered with sweet pears, strawberries and almond flakes in the Nik family’s honey mustard special dressing. I am being not a fans of salad had also fall in love in the dish as well. This is where the combination of the salad is well match to each other where the strawberry which is being served in the salad gives a light soury and this had enhanced our appetite to the next dish. Aside, the chef added with the crushed almond in to it which giving a crispy and crunchy bites of it which is well mix together with their home made honey mustard sauce. With this, it had enhanced the whole taste of the salad which provides a delighting and savory salad.
Price: RM 13.00

Deep Fried Squid is what he had next. This is where the battered squid fried to golden brown and served with chili salsa. The squids are being crumb with the flour which is then being served with the chilly salsa with it. It brings the light spiciness delights which is bringing a great blend of the calamari and I could not stop eating them as it is too crispy and indulging.
Price: RM 14.00

The lamb Cutlet is the highlights for the day. The lamb cutlet is well marinated and the sauce just well infused the lamb which makes the lamb simply good and perfect. The Korean chili paste served with sauteed spinach is added besides to accompanied with the juicy lamb cutlet. It is just perfectly made with the juiciness in it and the great textures of the lamb.
Price: RM 20.00/ piece

Chicken Liver Pate is another signature of the restaurant which is not to be missed. The pate which is being served is simply flavorful and its pureed chicken liver in cream served with toasted bread is just perfectly made. The delights bring a soft and special taste and it is just melts in the mouth and leaving the flavorful pureed taste of the chicken liver with it.
Price: RM 16.00

If you are fans pasta, the spaghetti marinara is not to be forgotten. The spaghetti marinara is a hearty bounty of calamari, fish, prawns, clams and herbs in napolitana sauce. The dish is bringing me with the indulging taste of seafood and what’s the best when you are having this is where the dish is bringing the indulging fresh seafood which is a plus points with their lovely napoliana sauce with it.
Price: RM 30.00

When I see Spaghetti Aglio Olio, it is definite to be in my list. The spaghetti Aglio which is directly translated as garlic and oil, but with a kick from chili flakes is not to be missed. The aglio olio is bringing the little kick of the chili flakes but not too much of spiciness and oiliness with it. We had ours with the prawns where it simply a good one which every bites of the prawns with it is really fresh.
Price: RM14; with prawns RM18

It would be great to end our meals with some desserts too. The plates of sweet bites to indulge is something not to be missed in Picknik. We had three of the delicious signature desserts in our plate in petite version.

Peanut Butter Slice with Nuts is simply a delights not to be missed with the peanut butter and cream cheese on a biscuit crust. Served with chocolate sauce. But really, all you need to know is this dish has peanut butter! This is sinfully delicious and it is just melts in my mouth easily with the sweet peanut butter with it.
Price: RM 8.00

Peach Apple Cobble is is the sorta like a pie but without the lower crust. Definitely a dessert but without all the fuss at all. The Peach Apple Cobble is is simply lovely and good where every bites of it, you may taste the fresh ingredients in it.
Price: RM7; with vanilla ice cream RM9

Salted Caramel Brownie is a heavenly and I am just falling in love with the it as well as the caramel is well blend with the brownies creating a sweet and salty match which is just wonderful.
Price: RM12

Publika, Block A4, UG1-05,
Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6411-6499

Food Type: HALAL


  1. Ezreen says

    Hello. I am interested to be part of your kitchen crew at your restaurant. I used to work in pizza San Francisco as commis cook. I am also able to cook western including pizza. I can’t seem to reach you through email so I just posted here. I can send you my resume but I don’t find your email address. Please do let me know if you have one. And I really hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and have a good day.

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