If you are in Ampang you would be definite to see a lot of Korean Restaurant. This round I am having a variety of Korean Delights this round at Goong Restaurant which is located there as well. The restaurant is located upstairs and the restaurant is being operated by a Korean where the restaurant had just opened around 7 months.

– The clean and tidy area-

There is nothing fancy about the decoration and the restaurant is just a normal restaurant. Understand from the owner, the restaurant is a home business where all the food is inherits from the family itself.

Japchee is being one of my favourites are being served. The japchee is delicious where the Korean dish is made from the sweet potato noodles and it is being stir fried in sesame oil and various of vegetables. There you can find the thinly sliced carrots, onions, spinach and mushrooms. Aside they had added with some seasoned meat. I am falling in love so much with this where the japchee is simply delicious and the taste is good and savoury.
Price: RM 30.00

– Mandul Jeongo-

Not only that, we had also tasted the Mandu which is their dumplings. The dumplings is filled with minced meat, tofu, green onions, garlic and it is being boiled. Then the delights are being served with the kimchi and chili-speckled soy sauce. The Mandu is simply delicious with the sweet soup which is soak beneath the dumplings makes the whole delights even more perfect and juicy.
Price: RM 20.00

BBQ GoChung Sangyeopsal is one of the items which is being served. BBQ is one of the things which is popular among in Korean dishes. The grilled pork loin is being added with the red hot pepper paste and it is then being grilled till perfectionist. It brings out the whole taste of the delectable pork loin with the tender and juicy meat with it.
Price: RM 22.00

Dwaegi Galbi which is the pork ribs is also one of my favourite items too where I am just falling in love with the grilled pork ribs which is where the pork ribs are being seasoned and well grilled. I am falling in love so much on the pork ribs where the meat is so tender and juicy.
Price: RM 25.00

– The Hot & Spicy Pork-

The hot and spicy pork is one of the new items which is available in Goong Korean Restaurant as well. The pork is being marinated by the chef’s family recipes and cooked with their special bowl . It is very spicy but it is good.
Price: RM 22.00

Korea is not just famous for its kimchi and bbq, they are also famous for their Korean for their ginseng soup as well. The Chicken ginseng soup is one of the item which is being served in the menu. Samyetang is incredibly good and it is full of the fragrance of the ginseng and the soup is sweet too and the sweetness are from the ginseng and the chicken which had infused in it.
Price: RM 30.00

Kimchi Jigae is where the dish which is made with kimchi and other ingredients, such as scallions, onions and diced tofu. The taste is bringing a light spiciness and the gravy is thick as well.
Price: RM 17.00

– Kimchi Jeon-

For Pancake lover, Goong Korean Restaurant also have the Kimchi Jeon which is the kimchi pancake. It is made with sliced kimchi, flour batter and sometimes other vegetables which the taste is simply good and delicious.
Price: RM 25.00

Bimbimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with the sauteed vegetables as well as chilli pepper paste. It then topped with the fried egg on top. It is also a great mix of the rice to have too.
Price: RM 20.00

Bulgogi Jeongol is one of the most popular Korean food that a lot of people are familiar. This is where the soup is being cooked with the dried anchovies, dried mushrooms, dried sea kelp, dried dates, and black peppercorn.The brooth is very flavourful as well as the juicy scrumptious beef which is being served together with it.
Price: RM 50.00

Overall, we had a satisfying meal and enjoyable one with the warmth of the Korean boss and their friends.

Gung Restaurant
Lot B2-2, Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2,
Taman Ampang Utama
Ampang, Selangor 68000

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