Burger Panggang station or so called the Pileh Grilled Patty is located inside the Restaurant Selera Puteh in Kampung Baru.The location is quite easy to be seen where it is just located nearby the Menara DBKL (KG Bharu) and Universiti Kuala Lumpur The station is well operated by the two friendly two-man team who is operating starting from 6 pm daily except Sunday.

– The Patty-

– Here goes how they prepare the bun –
– The patty is grilling 

In here, the style of their burger is alike Subway where customer can build their own burger with the choice of patties with toppings. They have 4 types of patty to choose which is the Chicken, Beef, mutton as well as the Rabbit patty which you can choose or either a mix and match with additional charges. Besides, the sauces to add on is also quite a lot. They have chilly padi sauce, black pepper and more. This really amazed and you can have more top up with it too. Besides the sauces, you can topped up with different types of cheese like American cheese, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, Edam Cheese and also Nachos Cheese. If you felt is not enough, you can have more toppings too like Chicken Meat Loaf or Beef Bolonga.

With all the combination, they will grilled the patty and it will be serving pipping hot in front of us.

The Chicken Burger where the patty is well grilled and it is sinfully delighting. The patty is really well done and each bites is really worth for money

The Beef Burger where they use 110 g of beef patty to made and it is all their home recipes of all their patty. The beef patty is heavy and juicy. With the black pepper sauce with it, it makes it even more perfect with the spiciness in it.

– The Mix Burger-

The Mix Patty- The combination of the beef and mutton patty with it.

The Rabbit Burger

How they make the burger

Patty Price:

Beef :
RM 5/ each ( 1-2 Pcs)
RM 4/ each ( 3 pcs and above)

Chicken :
RM 5/ each ( 1-2 Pcs)
RM 4/ each ( 3 pcs and above)

RM 6/ each ( 1-2 Pcs)
RM 5/ each ( 3 pcs and above)

Rabbit :
RM 7/ each ( 1-2 Pcs)
RM 6/ each ( 3 pcs and above)

Sauce Charges : 2 free sauce ) additional Sauce will be RM 0.50 extra)
-Choices : Chilly Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Mayonnaise, Black Pepper, chilly Padi sauce

Chesese Choices

American Cheese, Strong Cheddar Cheese, Mozzarella Chees, Nachoz Cheese, Edam Cheese ( RM 1/ each)

Additional Toppings
Chicken Meat Loaf – RM 1 /each
Beef Bacon – RM 1 /each

Set if Burger Bun, Lettuce and Caramelized Onions: RM 1.50/set

Burger Panggang Station a.k.a. Pileh Grilled Patty,
Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur.

Open from Monday to Saturday from 7PM to 12.30AM
Restoran Selera Puteh,
Jalan Raja Abdullah,
Kampung Baru
GPS Koordinat :3.160784, 101.702402

If you love to get the franchise, you may contact them as below

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0195277060

Mobile: 0133056991

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