Steamboat and barbecues together will be a perfect match and in Zen Garden, you may enjoy the both together. This time, we try the Thai style of BBQ which is called Mookata a combination of the word “Moo” which is Pork and “Kata” which is referring to BBQ. In Zen Garden, they served them over the charcoal which is a traditional way to have your bbq and steamboat together.

– The Environment – 

– The Sauces-

In Zen Garden, the BBQ and the steamboat styles are alike you have in the BBQ plaza but it is slightly different is where here they use charcoal to served the BBQ and steamboat. In here, they serves the food by sets where each set are being accompanied with a fried rice with it. There is a choices of set to choose depending on your preference. There is four choices as below and you can enjoy them either by the steamboat style or the bbq style.

A- Beef
B- Pork Belly Slices
C- Lamb
D- Seafood

The set has a good portion of chicken meat, vegetables, fish noodles, fish balls, fish rolls, fish slices, crab sticks, prawns, quail eggs, fish stomach, and more. It’s portion was a large to share around and you may opt for additional items too with the ala-carte price.

In here we also had the big size of lard at the exposed metal and we rubbed around it to bbq the delighting meat on it. As for the soup, there is a variety to choose as well.
Fish Bone Soup (鱼骨靓汤) @ RM14.90
Tom Yam Soup (冬炎汤) @ RM14.90
Yellow Wine Soup (黄酒汤) @ RM14.90

As for this round, I tasted the Tomyam soup which is not really spicy where it is said to cater to the local tastebuds here.

The set also includes garlic fried rice with it as well. It is well fried with the fragrant egg taste together with garlic as well. The combination is just perfect and I wish to have more.

-Cheese Crab with Sauce-

Besides steamboat, Zen Garden do serves some home cooked food ala-carte too. We had the Cheese Crab (湿芝士蟹) is one of the item which we had tried. The crab is a large one with the big claws and the sauce is cheesy as well. The cheesy taste is very rich and each dip of it is making my finger-lickering good.
Price: RM48 for 1 / RM88 for 2

Next we had the Fried Fish Belly (火爆鱼肚) where the fish belly is being stir fried with the heavy spiciness. The fish belly is soft and chewy with the very spicy taste.
Price: RM 13.90

If you prefer something crispy, Salted Spicy Fish Skin (椒盐鱼皮) is really addictive and it is good to served with some beers. The fish skin is being deep fried with some seasoning which is pepper and salt. The texture is giving the light saltiness and spiciness in it.
Price: RM12.90

Zen Garden
(Inside The Challenger Sports Centre)
16, Jalan Koop Cuepacs 3F,
Taman Cuepacs,
43200 Batu 9 Cheras,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Contact: 603-9074 0336
Fax: 603-9075 2355
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: fb.com/ZenGardenBBQ
Business Hours: 5pm to 2am daily
GPS Coordinates: N 3.077116, E 101.758643


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