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Mughle Azam Bar N Grill where the restaurant is being renamed as Glassy Bar & Grill is located at one of the downtown KL.The restaurant is well build and everything here is handmade and artistic. The restaurant is simply beautiful and I am indeed a great place to visit for a delighting meal. It is located along the lorong Yap Kwan Seng, Glassy Bar & Grill, a colonial-bungalow restaurant, was really a hidden gem serving delicious and authentic North Indian Mughal cuisine.

The restaurant is beautifully crafted with the founder Daniel Mankani’s mission of Art, Culture and Cuisine. Their chefs are inspired by the Mughal Kings in demonstrating the culinary art at its finest.

Eggplant Crisps is a Mughal styled nachos. Chef deep fried the sliced eggplant till golden brown crispy and crunchy without much greasy. Eat it together with the side serving of tomatoes, onions and cheese for a sourish savory taste, otherwise it will be bit blank.
Price:RM9.50 (small) RM18 (large)

Mix Vege Pakora is where the fritters of assorted fresh vegetables including green chili, eggplant, onion, sweet potato, and etc that gently seasoned and deep fried till golden brown. I love the plum sauce that served together and it caught my fancy the most. Its sweet sourish taste goes well with almost all the fried items. Felt refreshing too as it can shift the greasiness, in result I had it bite after bite.
Price: RM9.50 (small) RM18 (large)

Chef marinated the bite-sized fresh salmon with fenugreek leaves and cooked in charcoal style. I do not like my salmon to be rough. Happily the dish was not over-cooked; my salmon still remain its juiciness and richly aromatic in spices. Have it without the mint sauce also delicious.On a side note, Salmon Fenugreek is also a natural herbal medicine and good for health such as treatment in diabetes.
Price: RM30 (small) RM58 (large)

Reshmi Kebab is a traditional Mughal dish. It gets its name from the succulence of the meat after prolonged marinating and light braising. I am a lazy diner sometimes; hence boneless chicken is perfect for me 😀 Chef marinated the chicken pieces in exotic spices and cream cheese. The meats was tender for my liking, but not so prefer the foamy cheese and egg white that covered on top. The aroma of grill smoke gave the kebab a very fine flavor. It served with mint sauce that goes well with the dish and enhanced the overall flavor.
Price: RM26 (small) RM50 (large)

‘Rogan’ means oil in Persian and ‘Josh’ means heat and passionate. With that name, this dish did not disappoint me at all. Chef braised the lamb chunks in onions, cilantro and mint sauce till soft and tender. The Lamb Rogan Joshis remarkably flavorsome gravy goes well with rice or bread too. With mild level of hot and rich flavor in spices, I was so addicted to it.
Price: RM29 (small) RM55 (large)

Spinach Cottage Cheese is served in lovely green color dish is homemade cream fresh spinach (palak) that cooked with chunks of soft cottage cheese (paneer). Spinach is one of the super vegetables that known for its rich source of iron, vitamin c, vitamin k, magnesium, and etc. Hence, it was a mildly flavored and super healthy sumptuous dish, great catered to the vegetarian lovers too. It goes well with both rice and naan.
Price: RM21 (small) RM40 (large)

Fish Moilee is a light fish stew that flavored with coconut milk. Chef sautéed the dory fish with curry leaves, tomato, cilantro and coconut milk in the making of another simple yet tasty dish.
The flavorful stew derived its aroma taste from the freshness of fish and coconut milk. The tiny black mustard seed gave more oomph to this Fish Moilee.
Price: RM25 (small) RM48 (large)

Another simple yet delicious dish which is the Cummin Potatoes. Chef cooked the potatoes with spices, tomatoes, and cumin for its distinctive flavor and aroma.
Price: RM18 (small) RM34 (large)

If you can’t take spicy food, probably this dish (Butter Chicken) is suitable for you to try out North Indian Mughal cuisine. Cooked in a clay oven, the chicken came in rich flavor and creamy tomato curry. Tasted mild sweet and bit sourish, as chef blended together cashew nuts, tomatoes and cream for the gravy. Best to eat with the naan too.
Price: RM24 (small) RM46 (large)

The delights is worth to eat while served hot, these oven-baked flatbread were crispy. Try it with different gravies as the topping, you need to go wild sometimes for your food eating experiences and have fun.
Naan Leavened RM3
Garlic Naan RM3.50
Tandoori Roti RM3
Lacha Paratha RM4

Mughle Azam Bar & Grill
No. 19-21, Lorong Yap Kwan Seng ,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Web :
FB :

Operating hours:
Mon – Sat 12 pm – 3 pm & 6 pm till late
Closed on Sun



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