Naab Restaurant is one of the current visit which we had been invited to review. With the motivation of traverse across Middle Eastern sands, we are now able to get a try of the authentic Persian cuisine at the Naab Restaurant. The Naab Restaurant is bringing us not just the authentic healthy delights but it also inspired the beautiful architecture, exotic rugs and more.

– The Interior-

In Naab Restaurant, we are fascinated with the interior decoration is fashioned after ancient Iranian architecture to make you feel the splendor of ancient Persia. The place is well designed with the Iranian architecture which is capturing my attention on the beautiful interior design. We are also being served with the Persian Delights for the day.

The Persian food is very special to me as this is my first time trying the food there. The food which is being served is kinda special to me as the food which is being served. The dishes are mainly more on the healty side of the food where the food is prepared by grilling and it is more to the flavors of the food itself rather than the spices.

– The Variety of Salad-

We had a vast variety of delights from Naab which is well served and the delights is special to me. In Naab, you may find the house special salad where it has a variety of fresh vegetables, beans, eggs, cucumbers as well as the Persian special house dressing.

Besides fom the variety of salads, there are also a variety of appetizers which are being served in the Iranian fare. There are Hummos, Taboleh, Olivia Salad, Baba Ghonoosh and many more which is being served in the buffet choices. Hummus, the Levantine Arabian delights is simply a spread which is made from the mashed chickenpeas, blend with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. The dish is simply special as well which it is my first time trying them.

-Barg Kebab & Lamb Shank-

As for the mains, there are also a variety choices of kebab is being served as well. Besides kebab, there is also Barg Kebab, chicken kebab, lamb kebab and more. The variety are amazingly done and the dish is very flavorful. The flavour are more to the ingridients itself which is more to the healthy option which is less oils and spices.

– The variety of Mains-

– The variety of Mains-

– The variety of Mains-

More and more delights to go in Naab for my food review here. There are Okra Stew with Meat as well as brinjals as well. Besides all this delights, there are more lovely dishes like fish fingers,  curry chicken, deep fried fish, Naab Spinach roll Chicken as well as variety of stews as well. The variety is too many too list down but it is very well made and has the fragrance of each ingridients in it.

As for the rice, there are also a large selection where there are beriyani rice, dillbbroad bean rice, noodle rice as well as Long Bean rice as well. Each types of rice have a different taste and one of my favorites is the Dill-Broad Bean Rice which is simply unique.

Moving to desserts, there are a variety of sweet bites to end your meal. Therehave the Egg Custard, Assorted Deep-fried kuih as well as Colorful Malaysian Traditional Kuih. The sweet delights are as beru sweet delights are very special and the taste is indeed rich and sweet and tasty.

One of the special tea which – Iranian Tea which is well taste and the tea is lightly scented and the taste is good even without sugar, The taste is really savory as well.

Not to forget,we are also served with refreshing lime juice as well as mango juice.

130 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2143-3949

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