Annyeong-haseyo. And now I am at the Bulgogi Brothers for their opening and thanks for the invitation. The restaurant firstly openend in Paradigm Mall just next to the TGI Friday. The outlet itself is well decorated beautifully. The outlet is now set to go to open its another outlet in the KL City – Pavilion and many more. Bulgogi Brothers from Korea is a popular casual dining restaurant chain that is expanding in the region in tandem with the growth of the ‘K-pop’ and Eastern cultural influence, giving locals and tourist alike the opportunity to enjoy the authentic taste of Korean barbecued meat, which was once reserved for royalties, in a comfortable casual dining setting. The first Bulgogi Brothers restaurant opened in Gang-Nam, south of Seoul in 2006. Now, the restaurant has over 35 outlets in South Korea, including one in Canada and 3 in Phillipines.

During the opening, we are being served with a variety of their speciality for this time.

– The appetizers-

– The Salad-

Serving on our plate is a bowl of hot noodles- Janshi Noodles. It is known as the “party noodles” in Korea and the delights is served in seafood brooth and being garnished with lots of vegetables. The noodles remains hot even we had been snapping the pictures for a couple of minutes and I enjoyed the smooth and silky noodles. The brooth is savory as well with the sweet taste which comes from the seafood.The one we had is the mini version.
Price : RM 17.90 (N)

Haemul Doenjang Jjigae is one of the items which is being served. This is where the slow cooked doenjang brooth is served with shrimps, soft shell crab and vegetables. The thick brooth giving me a taste of the crabs and it is full of the variety of the seafood taste combination in it. The cooked brooth is filling and yet appetizing too.
Price: RM 26.90

Korean food will not be fulfill with a Bibimbab. Here they are the Haemul Bibimbab that comes with the combination of the spicy seafood and vegetables.Then, we mixed together all the ingridients. The bibimbab is well made and the rice and the combination is bringing me the appetizing meal too.
Price: RM28.90

Bulgogi Brothers
Lot GB 13 & 13A, Ground Floor,
Paradigm Mall,
No.1, Jalan Kelana SS7/26A,
Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya,

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