Thai Thai Restaurant is indeed a place visit when you are in the mood of shopping in Sunway Pyramid. The restaurant is under the SEA group where they have a variety of brands on its belt such as Good Evening Bangkok, Flying Chilies, Absolute Thai and Very Thai. The restaurant is well designed as a conceptual cafe and Thai fusion restaurant cum bar that accords diners an experience that is captivating both to the palate and the eye. It is indeed giving me the perfect opportunity to experience some truly outstanding fare in a fine dining setting with young ambience in Thai Thai in Sunway Pyramid.

We started our meal with the authentic Thai Fare. The Thai Fish Cake is indeed one of the item in most of the thai restaurant to dine for their appetizers. The Thai Fish Cake is indeed a great snack especially when you dipped it in spicy sweet chili sauce. It is being well fried with the fish, spices, and herbsand it is indeed great to have them when it is being served with hot and juicy textures. I am really in love with it as well.
Price: RM 13.90

Besides, we also had the Green Curry Chicken which is well cooked as well. The curry is indeed thick and it is well cooked with the tender chicken meat with it. The taste is indeed very delighting with the smooth and rich with a delicate hint of basil leaf with it. The taste is well made with the fragrant of the curry taste with it.
Price : RM 16.00

For Fish lover, you may opt for the Steamed Siakap with Lime, Chili and Garlic Sauce. The fish is not moderate in size which is well steamed and the fish is also fresh. It is well steam bringing the slight spicy and soury taste to it which overall make me loving it so much.
Price: RM 43.90

Besides, the Normal red Tomyam, we are also being served with the Tom Yam Seafood -Clear Soup Base where we had the medium size which can served up to 6 pax. The tomyam is indeed very spicy though and the fragrance and the spiciness is indeed what I love the most. The spiciness is indeed very umpph and there is a very delighting taste of it as well. The spicineess is really amazingly lovely with the delighting fresh seafood.
Price: RM 48.00

Stir-Fried Kailan with Salted Fish is nothing to shout off but it is just the traditional things for Malaysian to enjoy vegetables in the meal. The kalian however is well fried with wok hei and it is indeed apepetizing as well.
Price: RM 16.00

The Claypot Glass Noodles is indeed a delicious one as well where the glass noodles is well fried with big prawns and seafood together with it. The dish is well fried with seafoods together and a slight spiciness with it. The taste is indeed a grea t and nice one which we love the most.
Price: RM32.90

We now craving for its desserts and we had the Mango with Sticky Rice. This is where the sweetened coconut milk flavors sticky rice is served with fresh mango in this deliciously refreshing take on the traditional Thai treat. The mango is sweet and well mixed with the sticky rice which made an appetizing desserts as well.
Price: RM 12.00

Aside the sticky rice we also enjoy the Iced Waterchestnuts & Jackfruits in Coconut Milk. The delights is served cold with the shave ice as well as scrumptious of waterchesnut and jackfruits.
Price: RM8.00

Iced Blended Lychee Mint
Price: RM15.00

Thai Iced Tea
Price: RM10.00

Thai Thai Fruit Punch
Price: RM10.00

Iced Blended Fresh Coconut
Price: RM15.00

*All price are subjected 10% service charge and 6% government tax

Thai-Thai Restaurant

(Sunway Pyramid, Lot 0B-1D)


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