Deutsches Haus is a place which serves German food and beer. The place is simply a nice place in Jaya 33 to relax and also prevent the traffic too if you are in Petaling Jaya. The German Bar is simply nice and I just love the setup and deco which makes you feel confortable.

– The Farmer’s Soup-

Farmer’s Soup is one of the famous items in the creamy potato and the leek soup with the crispy bacon and sausage. They are using the high grade of the hammilton sausge which inside the sausage it contains of cheese. It is well mixed with the creamy potato soup and the taste is simply good and tasty.
Price : RM 19.00

Some vegetables to have tonight where we had the schinken salat where it Is the mixed greens which is being tossed with the honey mustard dressing and topped together with the grilled steaky bacon, tomatoes, onions and gherkins. The salad is fresh and greenie and I just love the steaky bacon which is served with it which create a slight saltiness together with the vegetables.
Price: RM 19.00

We are being served with Wirstplatte which is the sausage platter. The portion is indeed good for 2 person and the meal is served with the mixed of German Sausage platter, served with sauerkraut, potato salad, senf, garlic mayo and haanero mayo. This is the recommended dish and the sausage is indeed to good and not to be missed as well.It is served with 8 different types of the sausage in the set.

Bauerwurst is the big germean farmer’s sausage which is served with the sauerkraut, horseradish mashed potato and sautéed onions.

Knackwurst is one of my favorite where the the smaoked garlic pork sausage is being served with sauerkraut and pan fried potato.

Weisswurt is where the sausage texture is simply smooth and it is a white sausage which is made with the veal and pork and served with sauerkraut and potato salad. The texture is simply smooth which makes me feel like chewing more.

Hahnchenwurst is having a slight spiciness in ut where tit is a spicy chicken sausage which is being served with the sauerkraut and horseradish mashed potato.

Another one is the thin sausage which is the Thuringer Bratwurst where the Thuringer pork sausage which is served with the sauerkraut and potato dumplings.

Nurnberger Bratwurst is the shorty ans slim one where the original Thuringer Pork Sausage si being served with the Sauerkraut and potato salad

Bockwurst is something alike mozzerela cheese taste where the smoked pork with the Emmentaler cheese sausage and it is being served with the sauerkraut and potato.

Chorizo is a Spanish pork sausage which is being seasoned with paprika and served with the sauerkraut and pan fried potato. The meal simply goes well with the Germen beer.
Price: RM 88.00

If you are a lover of pork knuckle, don’t missed the Garlic-Herbed Pork knuckle where the roast garlic herbed pork knuckle is being sevred with the horseradish mashed potato and sautéed vegetables. This is where the pork knuckle is being roasted for 2 times but the texture of the pork knuckles still remains good with the tender juicy meat as well. Aside, it has the slight fragrant of the garlic smell as well as a healthy style of pork knuckle.
Price: RM 59.00

Next in line is the traditional pork knuckle which is by the name of Bierhaus Knuckle. This is where the pork knuckle is well roasted till the skin is crispy and fragrant with the tender meat with it. I just love the pork skin which is so fragrant and it is simply crispy. The pork knuckle is being served with sauerkraut, potato dumplings and well as senf.
Price: RM 59.00

We are really impressed with the Baby Back Ribs in 2 way with a big portion as well. This is where the BBQ baby pork ribs is being cook with the jalapeno peach sauce and sweet tangy pineapple BBQ sauce. It is where it is served with the seasonal vegetables. There is a taste of sweetness as well a slight spicy in the ribs. The ribs is chewy and the meat is also tender and nice.
Price” RM 82.00

Last but not least is the Apfelstrudel where the traditional Australian pastry is loaded with cinnamon laced applea and it is served with the vanilla ice creams. Good to end up the sweet bites.
Price: RM 16.00

Deutsches Haus German Restaurant & Bar @ Jaya 33
Jalan Semangat, Section 13,
46100 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7960 5736

Operating Hours:
Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 12:00 am


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