Is time for some change for our meal today. We had been invited to have some healthy living food for a change after having heavy delights like burgers, pork and beef everything. This time, we had our dinner in a Organic Kitchen at Scott Garden. Since Parents day is this month and the next month, perhaps is a good change to bring your parents to try some healthy food too. Chef Lim Organic Kitchen is located at the 2nd floor of the busy bars below and the restaurant is being furnished with urnished in white with a simple yet modern concept with the white color chairs and table which looks simple and yet stylish.

Chef Lim Organic Restaurant is a pure vegetarian restaurant as they do not serve meat and egg. The fundamentals of Chef Lim Organic Kitchen are food that is less in salt (sodium), sugar, oil and is high in fibre and nutrition. Here come our meals today.

We started with the Fruits Tea 水果茶 is one of the specialities of the shop. The fruit tea which are being offered can be a choice of a cold one of a warm one. The fruit tea here is served with the combination of green apple, red apple, fresh orange slice, mango slice, honey, lemon and passion fruits, very rich in vitamin C. The drinks is prepared with sugar free as the shop belives that the sweetness are being extrected via he fruits itself and there is not a need to add additional sugar.
Price: RM14.90 (small) RM17.90 (large)

Cukawamee is the first dish which is being served. The Cukawamee is well served without any coloring and it is simply recommended.
Price: RM 6.90

If you love beancurd, you may try the Golden Beancurd is using the pumpkin beancurd and the taste feels good too. It is served with carrot and vegetable as well.
Price: RM 13.90 (Small), RM 17.90(Big)

We are being served with the Yam Basket(佛钵) where the texture is crispy at the outside and served with the mixed vegetables (mixed veggie like baby corns, snow peas, black fungus) and some cashewnuts together with it.If you are a yam lover, perhaps this is the dish you would fall in love with.
Price: RM 18.90

Basil Leaf Mushroom (三杯鲜菇) is one of my favorite where it is being stir fried with the Fresh Shimeji Mushroom and Fresh Whole Button Mushroom. Other ingridients includes Baby corn, fresh shimeji mushrooms, black wood ear fungus, carrots and bell peppers are being stir fried together and it creates a rich fragrant and it is indeed a flavourful items.
Price: RM 13.90 (S), RM 17.90 (L)

Like Beef but can’t take beef? No worries here you can take their grill beef steak without worrying as well. The vegeterian style of grilled beef is being served. The grilled beef is made from mushroom legs blended with a few types of other mushroom to create the beef steak instead of using a lot of preservatives and flour.
Price : RM 22.90

Lo Han Chai (罗汉斋) is one of the items which i love the most. This is where the mixed mushroom, broccoli and cauliflower are being stir fried together which is full of vitamins in it.
Price: RM15.90 (Small) /, RM19.90 (Large)

Coconut Tom Yam (椰子东炎) is one of their speciality and the tomyam is simply special where it is being served with the coconut meat. The soup is full of ingridients like the cauliflower, corn,coconut meat, and bean curd. The bowl of the soup creates a not so spicy tomyam taste too.
Price: RM17.90

A healthier version of curry is also being served which is the flavour for its Kapitan Fish(甲必丹鱼). The fish is made from beancurd and it is served with the aroma of the curry and generous amount of coconut milk. The taste overall is quite good for a vegetarian delights.
Price: RM14.90 (small) RM18.90 (large)

Shiitake Mushroom Stew Herbal (药材山菇) is another famous item in the shop itself. The taste is kinda good with the mushroom taste in it but it is not too herbal taste for me too.
Price:RM 14.90(S) / RM18.90(L)

Aside the Chinese cuisine, Chef Lim Organic Kitchen do serves western. We are beings served Classic Cabonara. The dish is served with the white cream and the dish is simply flavorful.
Price: RM 14.90

Fruit Pizza (水果披萨) is something special there. The pizza with fruits and it is vegetarian taste good too. The pizza is well baked on a thin crust. It is serves with the green apple slices and strawberries. The taste is simply good and is also kinda cheesy as well.
Price: RM19.90

Besides the Fruit Pizza, there also have the Hawaian Pizza which is being served with the cheese, pineapple and capsicum. I still prefer the fruit pizza though.
Price: RM 21.90

Brown Rice is being served too as it is more healthy than normal rice.
Price: RM 2.00

We ended with a sweet bites with is the desserts. The home made pudding is being served with apple and some mango cubes on it. The pudding is specially made with their secret recipes where they uses the special type of pudding powder to create the great texture of the pudding.
Price: RM 5.90

Lot 2-47, 2-48 & 2-49
The Scott Garden, 4 1/2 Mile
Jalan Klang Lama
58100 Kuala Lumpur
(T) 603 – 7982 3395
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    Awesome shots !! Would love to try their mushrooms in herbal soup, its meal like this that makes me feel so healthy and down to earth !

  2. says

    For me, when having vegetarian food, let it be veges and not those thing that claim to be fish or beef or anything.. I love the fruity pizza as they are simply.. FRUITY! 😀

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