In The Bowl is one of the new opening in ikano Power Centre and the outlet is the same management as Bobalicious which they have another branch in Tropicana City Mall. We went for a try in the restaurant where they served a variety choices of rice set to accomadate busy in the city. The place offers a reasonable price of food to taste at during my visit there.

One of the specialities of In The Bowl will be on the Marmite Chicken on Rice. The portion is big enough for one where the dish is serves with the generous amount of chunks of chicken meat with the marmite sauce together with the rice and an egg. It is topped with the sesame which makes the meal even more appetizing too.
Price: RM8.90

Next we had Fish Katsudon on Rice which is where the dory fish is being cooked till perfectionist and it is added with the stir fried egg and onions on top. The fish is lightly seasoned, breaded and deep fried and they are using dory fish as well.
Price: RM11.90

If you are chicken lover, perhaps you would like to try the black pepper chicken rice where the dish is simply spicy and full with the whole black pepper taste on it.
Price: RM7.90

We also had the Kam Heung Squid set which comes together with the kam heung squid, mango salad, fish ball soup and honey green tea as well. The meal is indeed worth. The Kam Heung Squids is not too spicy and it comes with a slight sourish mango salad and a soup to accompany with it. The mango salad was surprisingly good which I love it too.
Price: RM 11.80

Omelette with Tomato Sauce is where the thick and sweet tomato based gravy is well served with the minced meat was great. Th dish is well made with the great taste and is a like the Szechuan style egg which comes together with it.
Price: RM 7.90

Other choices includes the Lemongrass Chicken on Rice where the chicken is cutted into small pieces and it being fried and tossed with the lemon sauce and sprinkled with the sesame. It is served together with the rice to fill up the tummy.

Something special from the shop includes the spicy green chicken which is where the green chily pesto sauce which is being stir fried with onions is added to the big piece of chicken which is well made and it is well served. The taste is simply tentalizing too.
Price: RM 6.90

For tomyam lover, it is a recomended dish to try which is the seafood tomyam soup which is served ogether with a bowl of rice. The brooth is simply spicy and soury which is loaded with seafood like prawns adn squids as well as vegetable in it.
Price: RM 9.90.

Another home cooked speciality which is being served is the Ham Choy Soup. The soup is really well made with lots of salted vegetables in the siyp and loaded with tomato, tofu, chicken and also salted vegetable. It is definately a great choices of meal for soup lovers.
Price: RM 6.00

How about having some snacks? Cucur Udang is one of the specialities to order. This si where the cucur udang is made with the flour added together with the shredded carrot, chives, prawn, taugeh. Then it is being deep fried till golden brown and being served. The cucur udang here is good which is not too oily and they use fresh oil to deep fried. The cucur udang is simply tasty and crunchy and it is even better when is being served together with the green chilly sauce.
Price: RM 5.90

Another will be the deep fried squid ring which turns to be good where it is deep fried till crunchy. It is so nice which we finished them in just a glimpse.
Price: RM 6.90

Chicken Skin anyone? The chicken skin here is slightly healthier version where the fats of beneath the chicken is being removed and it is being deep fried till crispy. The texture is good and what I love the most is crunchiness of the chicken skin.

We are in love too with the Fried Boxing Chicken where the chicken is well deep fried and with a slight saltiness and crispy. The meat is also simply juicy as well.
Price: RM 5.90

In The Bowl
IPC Shopping Centre
Lower Ground Floor, Lot LG3
No.2, Jalan PJU 7/2
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya
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