There are so many HK desserts in town and now the wave now flows to Taiwanese Dessert where you can find it in every shopping mall. Everyone is telling me about Snowflakes but we have not get a chance to try the desserts till recently when we landed ourself in one of their branch in Mid Valley.
They really attracted a large crowd indeed and they are lining up to get the taste of the dessert. The menu comes with so many types of series like Snowflakes Series, Memorable Series, Tauhua Series and more. The order was pretty quick where after you had made your order they will provide you with the UFO where once the UFO starts to beep and the lights is blinking, you are advice to collect your order at the counter.

We had made an order of their best seller which was the Grass Jelly Series. We had the cold Grass Jelly Dessert and we choose the choices of sets of toppings.
There are 5 sets of toppings where we can choose
1. Green Bean + Lotus Seed + Pearl
2. Sweet Potato + Barley + Pearl
3. Red Beans + Peanuts + Pearl
4. Red Beans + Taro + Pearl
5. Kidney Bean + Black Glutinous Rice + Pearl

We had choosen the set 4 which comes with the Red Beans, Peanuts, and Pearl together. The ice shaved was very nice and the texture of the ice is well made. Together with the Taro Balls had make it even nicer. I could say overall, this is one of the best taiwanese dessert I had so far.

Taste: 5/5

Price: RM 6.90

Level 3, Mid Valley Megamall (Outside NIKE Store)
(Mon – Sun) 10.00am – 10.00pm

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