Onde Onde is one of the restaurants which is located at Waterfront Desa Park City. The restaurant islocated is just next to One Noodles. The restaurant is well designed with the Nyonya style. The restaurant is well decorated with painted chair.

– The Environment-

Grilled Toast with Homemade Duck Egg Kaya & Butter is their signature of all. The kaya is perfectly fragrant where the kaya is fresh made daily with duck and chicken egg mixture
Price: RM 2.80

They do serve kuih and there is a total of 20 choices of kuih in their list includes kuih talam, kuih sago and more. Onde Onde is also one of the kuih you may find in the shop. It is the pandan green coloured dough with liquid palm sugar filling rolled in coconut. The shredded coconut is very fragrant which had made me finishing them.
Price: RM 3.80

We also tried other type of kuih which is their pulut panggang. The pulut panggang is served with slight spiciness, and the shrimp is really tasty.
Price: RM 2.80

– Asam Laksa-

– The Nearer View-

Asam Laksa is one of my favorite where the hot bowlful of tangy fish broth painstakingly prepared with a potpourri of Asian herbs and spices, the essential belacan and topped off with dollops of prawn paste. It is well prepared from a traditional Nyonya home recipe, the rich and flavourful soup, along with the slippery transparent laksa noodles as well as the fresh mackerel fish indeed perfect for me.
Price: RM 9.90

– Penang ‘Chee Cheong Fun’ with ‘Har Gou’ (Prawn Paste)-

– The Nearer View-
Next is the Penang ‘Chee Cheong Fun’ with ‘Har Gou’ (Prawn Paste) is one of the famous delight where the texture of the cheong fun is smooth. The “Har Gou” is well made as well with the added of mincrd dried shrimps, with sesame and sambal. The combination is great.
Price: RM 6.90

Next comes the prawn noodles (Mee Yoke). The prawn mee is serves with shrimps, bean sprout, slices of chicken meat and half hard boil egg. Thick chilly paste to serve together with the prawn noodles. The taste is slightly sweet for me as well.
Price: RM9.90

They also served set meal. The set meals are served in smaller portion to accommodate smaller portion eaters or customer who would like to try more choices of meal at Onde Onde. We had their Combo B which comes with their Special Fried Rice and Curry Laksa. The meal also comes with 2 pcs of onde onde, crispy spring rolls and stir fried mengkuang which is another Nyonya dishes.

The Curry Noodles is where the soup base comes with the heavy coconut milk and is it very lemak as well.

Next, is the fried rice which I felt the rice is kinda dry. We felt it is more like sticky rice.
Price: RM 15.90

Ended our meal with 2 dessert which are Signature Onde Onde Durian Dessert. The durian which is being added to their desserts are from D24 which is one of the higher grade of durian. The dessert comes with Malacca chendol, D24 durian flesh, sugar as well as thick coconut milk.
Price: RM 7.90

Sago Gula Melaka is another desserts there. The desserts served with coconut milk, brown sugar as well coconut sago Malacca.
Price:RM 4.90

As for drinks, we tried the aromatic coffee. The coffee smells so nice and I could not resist sipping them once it is served. The coffee beans are originated from Ipoh to make this coffee.
Price: RM2.80 (Hot), RM2.90 (Cold)

We are also served with their famous Japanese Cucumber Sour Plum Juice. The Japanese Cucumber is freshly blend to a cup and added with the sour plum.
Price: RM 5.90

Onde Onde
GF-03A, Ground Floor,
Waterfront @ Parkcity 5,
Persiaran Residen,
Desa Park City,
52200 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 03-6280 7419


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    I was there too the other day. Food was ok, didn’t get to try the Onde Onde though since they ran out of it. Pretty funny, since they invited me for a review but missed out their signature Onde Onde. I don’t even know how an Onde Onde looks and taste like. :) haven’t don’t the writeup yet

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