Gonbei San is located at Starhill Gallery, a luxury shopping mall at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant is one of the restaurant which is said to be famous for their Japanese food. The japanese buffet has more than over 60 varities. There is a simple “ceremony” to welcome the patrons. The staff will hit the drum placed at the entrance according to the number of visitors.

– The choices of Sushi-

– The choices of Sushi-

– The Sashimi Choices-

– The Fresh Salmon-

– The Chawanmushi-

– The Udon Choices-

– Fresh Oysters-

– The Choices of Salads-

The place is pretty nice and having a large variety of choices to choose where it serves from Sushi, teppanyaki, sashimi and more. There is a large variety of sushi that you can try there. Aside, there is array of choice cut sashimi and seafood freshly arrived on first class flights with favourites like salmon, tuna, oysters and mussels.

Another corner will be on the tempura and fried item where they are served hot and crunchy as well. The tempura are freshly fried as well as it is still crunchy when you have a munch on it.

Here is some of our favorite which is the teppanyaki side where they serve a number of fresh seafood, chicken and beef. They have a vast types of fishes where you can find in other Japanese restaurant like unagi as well as meat and vegetable skewers.

They also have nice desserts there as well. You may find assorted cakes, chocolate fondue and bottomless pits of Baskin Robins ice cream as well as mochi (glutinous rice balls with peanuts).

– The Ice Creams-

Overall Taste: 4/5

12pm to 3pm for lunch (2.30pm for last order)
6.30pm to 11pm for dinner (10.30pm for last order)

Weekend Buffet (available for Public Holidays)
Saturday Ala Carte Lunch Buffet & Ala Carte Main Menu
12.00pm – 3.00pm
RM 80++ Adults, half price for 6-12yrs old child.
Sunday Brunch
12.00pm – 3.00pm
RM 80++ Adults, half price for 6-12yrs old child.

Relish Floor,
Starhill Gallery,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +6 03 2782 3801
Fax: +6 03 2782 3818


  1. jt says

    I just have my lunch in Gonbei San today. Sad to say it’s not worth the price pay for. It’s still lot to catch up as far as varieties, qualities and taste concern. Jogoya is far more worth it as there are more varieties. Even the shasimi served looked pathetic. The whole hour I was there, they weren,’t any salmon shasimi serve. They are so rigid and not willing to serve more. The dessert serve were pathetic too, a few tiny pieces of cakes and a few pieces of Japanese pan cake. Choice of tempura were only 4, and the batter do not looK and taste like any authentic tempura. Even Shogun would beat them in term of price, varieties and even taste. The verdict, I won’t come back again.

  2. JT says

    I would like to put my comments on my experience during my lunch with Groupon Vouchers.

    There was not enough food portion served on the buffet tables as most serving plates were empty. Diners will have to ask the chef for refills where the chef seems reluctant. (and giving the irritating look)
    I asked fore more oysters and the chef asked me ‘Didn’t you too some earlier?’. Does that mean that I can only have 1 portion or there is a timing for refills?!
    I asked for more honeydew and the chef said ‘No more’ !!! Is this a buffet or what? and it was only 1:45pm and the lunch was supposed till 3pm.

    As advertised on Groupon as a Fine Dining Lunch was in fact quite true; very small portion, insufficient servings, limited choice, long wait for food to be replenish.

    Variety of food was also very limited comparing to the normal buffet that Gonbei had.

    I will say that this offer is not worth for the money even with Groupon discounts.

  3. DN says

    This is a complete dissapointment having food in Gonbei San. JT was right only half, the portion is pathetically small AND most importantly, the quality of food is bad. With the price even with Groupo discounts, I would prefer to have japanese buffet in Shogun or Sasaki…

    If i have to put a executive summary for Gonbei San: little variety, small portion, low quality food and do not taste good either.

  4. CT says

    Totally agree. Oysters without any taste, Sashimi in very thin slice cut, tepanyaki section choice too limited, & the worst was the staffs started to clean up & pack by 2.10pm, the lunch is supposed till 3pm!
    If they are so reluctant of seving good quality & reasonable portion food, must why they did not take part in Groupon’s bulk purchase offer!
    I always believe eateries in STARHILL are always on top quality, be it the food or the service, coz they are within the YTL’s property.

  5. cheryl says

    I think this place is over rated. Firstly, the food is not refilled regularly and you need to request for refill of certain food that is not there.example, the tako must be requested and the chef only give one. Not many choices of food especially unagi is a must in Japanese restaurants. Second, the service is not that great. The service is not that good as well. Example,the staff who was handling grill fish orders, was showing a super horrible attitude and “black face”. do a happy customer deserved such attitude when they want to order their food? In short, food choices,taste and service do not deserve the price of rm88++ per person.

  6. VL says

    I also worried after reading your comments. I had bought 6 vouchers and this saturday will try. Hope will no dispoint us.

  7. Milly says

    Worst buffet ever..drop the standards of starhill.. Chef are reluctant n slow when refilling food.. Soy sauce taste like salt.. Not worth even with groupon price ..

  8. says

    never thought this restaurant in starhill quality and service is that bad. overpricing too. anyway if not satisfy can complain to groupon as they always promise 100 % money back guarantee. try and send email to them for refund!

  9. Nicole says

    I am holding Shogun VIP card.I just read a special promotion $55 per person Gongbei San from Groupon. I am satisfaction on Shogun buffer, just gonna try the new one, like GBS…….luckily I read all yours comment.

  10. FoodsHunter says

    Foods are not fresh and not delicious.
    Drinks are limited to only 2 type and taste like plain water.
    Desserts are just suck.
    Overall , RM55 from Groupon is NOT worth for the price even it is discounted.
    It is the worst Japanese buffet restaurant that I have visited so far and I will not go back again.

  11. says

    we were talikg about organizing a group of 20 to visit this famous restourant – as one of my colleague claimed. wow…after all these comments, i would have to think twice!

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