Shangri-la Rasa Sayang Resorts have something for everyone for this month. The promotional buffet (BUY 1 FREE 1) till end of this month had attracted many food bloggers as well as buffet lovers to enjoy their meal here. During the promotion, thanks to Gourmet Garden for offering a group of 6 bloggers weekly to dine at the Spice Garden. I feel much honored to be invited by them as one of the lucky six. The restaurant is capable of having around 250 diners covering indoor and outdoor at the same time. The Spice Market Café is an informal buffet-style restaurant that offers authentic cuisines from diverse cultures that reflect Penang’s heritage as a cultural crossroads. The buffet is divided into 7 sections by type of cuisine – Indian, Western, Asian, Seafood/Japanese, Cavalries, Dessert and Juice counter. There are up to 100 varieties of food can be found here.

– Traditional granite mortar and a mixture of spices-

What is so special is every table has this display of a traditional granite mortar and a mixture of spices in it. This gives an authentic feeling which I could not resist to take up my camera to get a snap of it. At the entrance to the café you’ll find the Spice Boutique, where you can learn about and purchase some of the most exotic spices in Asia. The boutique features over 100 varieties of dried herbs and spices, with varieties of curry powders and other ingredients for you to take home.


And now, MalaysianFoodie will bring you tour around the food in Spice Market for this round by starting the Indian section. The section is served with the authentic Indian Food and a slight Malay where you can find Tandoori, Naan, Curry and Papadum.


– The Beef Satay-

– The Chicken Satay-

Tandoori Chicken aka Roasted Chicken is marinated in curb and seasoned with tandoori masala is indeed their signature dish. Aside, I love their satay so much where the satay is prepared with a big chunks of chicken meat grilled to perfect and served with their secret recipes satay sauce with lots of peanuts


Next they have salad bar as well to balance up the heavy diet of the day. They have assorted greenies to be served with variety of sauce to be mix with the vegetables like coleslaw, mayonnaise and more.

– The assorted cheese and western corners-

As for Western station, they have numerous of cheese which are being served with their fresh breads and biscuits crackers as well. Some of the cheese includes Emmental Cheese, Emen Cheese, Blue Cheese can be found here as well.

-Roasted red onions with red wine vinegar-

-Oven Roasted Pumpkin with Honey-

– Up to down : Roasted Chicken with Honey, Beef Pastarami, Roasted Roasted Vegetable Platters-

Aside of cheese, you can find the western delights like Beef Pastrami, Roasted Chicken with Honey, Roasted Vegetable Platters, grilled asparagus with cheese, oven roasted pumpkin with honey and more from the counter. They also have freshly made buns to be served to the customer as well.

– The Assorted Buns-


– The fresh Prawns-

– The fresh scallops-

– The fresh baby lobster-

The Japanese and Seafood counter is the most eye-catching counter of all for seafood lovers. They serve fresh prawns, scallops, oysters as well as baby lobster on basket. If you could not take raw, you can opt the restaurant to bake them for you.

– Assorted Sushi: Tamago Maki, Kanikama Maki and more-

– Assorted Sashimi Sushi-

Aside, they have assorted sushi for you to have as well like Tamago Maki, Salmon Sushi, Makizushi and more.

– The assorted Japanese food on the table-


– Herb Roasted Chicken-

-Fish and Spinach wrapped in Puff Pastry-

Another corners for meat lovers where you can try the Fish and Spinach wrapped in Puff Pastry with butter sauce as well as the Herb Roasted Chicken. Looking at the chicken, it is a temptation for me where the roast chicken is served on the spot. I love the chicken meal so much where the meat is tender and juicy


-Lamb Curry with Potatoes-

– Beef Bargeol-

-Wok toasted Asean Vegetables-

– Sup Ekor-

– Fried Rice with Diced Chicken-

– Loh Bak-

– Fried Singapore Bihun-

As for the Asian corners, here can taste some of the delights which includes Fried Rice with Diced Chicken, wok toasted Asean Vegetables, Chicken Lor Bak, Lamb Curry with Potatoes, Beef Bargeol, Fried Singapore Bihun. They also served the Malay delights like Sup Ekor there as well. The Asean delights is well made and what is my love at the counter will be the Fried Rice with Diced Chicken as well the Wok toasted Asean Vegetables.

– What you can get at The Noodle Station-

The noodles section and Dim Sum Corner is just side by side. The dimsum is heated all the way which provide the customer with hot dumplings. Aside, there is yong tau fu and noodles are being served at the noodles counter. For noodles counter, they served assorted noodles like ramen, wantan mee, bihun, yellow noodles and more. They also have variety of yong tau fu from fish balls, chilly stuffed with fish balls, taufu stuffed with fish balls and more.


– The Assorted Fruit Drinks-

The hotel serves nice drinks with the free flow fruit juice. This round, we have a free flow of Orange, Apple, Pineapple and Guava. Some of the drinks are freshly blended from the blender machine. They also have coffee counter hidden beside the Juice counter where you can find nice blended coffee.


– The Cake Selections-

That’s a key counter for ladies, I supposed.. and that’s mine favorite as well. There are lots of here in Rasa Sayang. From cream to cheese, you can find everything here. Here, they served nice desserts like cakes, ice creams fruits, chocolate fondue and Malaysian delights ice kachang as well.

– The Cake Selections-

– The Cake Selections-

– The Cake Selections-

– The Apricot, Cookies and Marshmallows for fondue dipping-

– The Ice Cream Choices-

-The Assorted Local Fruits like Nangka, Watermelon, Pineapples, Papaya and Honeydews-

Hereby, we ended up with the buffet with a big full tummy

Aside, I would like to thank Gourmet Garden and Rasa Sayang Hotel who had gave a surprise birthday. I am very happy on the invitation and the preparation of the hotel which provides an excellent service to their customers. Kudos!!

And on that day is Strawberry Gal ( Me) birthday and I get a surprise birthday from the hotel. Thanks to Gill and her partner arrangement.

Here come my birthday cake from the hotel and is a Cheese cake which is very moisture and pack with cheese.

They also served me with “Long Life Noodles( Cheong Sau Mee) which is absolutely delighting and delicious fresh from the kitchen.

Gill, Jason ( from Gourmet Garden) and the Soul Chef: Chef Lim and Jesicca

Thanks a lot and here comes the organizer and the Chef

Overall Taste: 4/5
Price : Adult : RM80++ Child : RM40++
Every Sunday in the months of August from 12 noon to 3pm.

Address:Batu Feringgi Beach,11100 Penang,Malaysia
Tel:(60 4) 888 8888
Fax:(60 4) 881 1800
GPS:N5°28’43″N E100°15’13″E
Website: www.shangri-la.com

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    I have been cheated by this blog. It said they provide free flow of juices, but we only got sky juice on yesterday.

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