Ireland Potatoes is one of the highlights in Mid Valley. I had passed through a few times but did not make any order. The Ireland Potatos is going to be my potato craving soul for the day.

They has set delights of few choices and we choose the combo set where it comes with Pickle Mayonnaise Potato Chips, Crunchy Sotong and iced Green Tea for RM 16.90. Looks like kinda expensive.

Pickle Mayonnaise Potato Chips is our dine of the da. The fries is fried on the spot when you make your order. The fries is nice due to the high quality potatos as well as the delighting mayonnaise sauce added to it.
Taste: 5/5

The crunchy sotong is also very nice where the sotong is well fried and it is super crunchy and delighting. You can feel the textire of the squids but the taste is slightly salty.
Taste: 4/5

Ireland Potato
Gardens Midvalley
(the connecting path between Gardens and Midvalley, next to Bread Story)

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