Hailam Seafood Village is kinda hard to find but with GPS there is no worry at all. Typical of seafood restaurants in the vicinity, this restaurant was built in its natural surroundings, is a wooden structure amidst oil palm trees. Being hungry, we are served for lunch now. Em.. what I can say is I did not manage to take the bunch of food there but just what I took and taste. It’s because everyone is there and bosses is around. As so, we did not take any pix but I just took the one I had to share.


First dish on the plate is the seafood fried rice. It is real a giant plate of rice and is eal plentiful. From the volume, it can take up to 15 pax of person. The fried rice taste is not bad and yet a delighting
Taste: 1/5


Next we had fried bihun but it looks like tomato bihun more to me. The taste is not bad and the portion is big. As for me, I just take a small portion of it and it is not really delighting when you see flies flying around.
Taste: 1/5


Special cooked beancurd came with a generous amount of sauce. Personally, I kinda like this one only. I can say this is the best among all.
Taste: 4/5


Honey chicken is where the chicken is quite tender but just a bit too sweet.
Taste: 1/5

Egg Crab Soup is not much my favorite and the soup is slightly salty and the taste is not really nice. I saw most of the egg white rather than crab inside
Taste: 1/5


Stir fried vegetable is a normal stir-fried. Not much special
Taste: 1/5


Salted egg chicken.-Deep fried and coated with salted egg, this was good (without thinking the calories of it). Crispy on the outside, the meat was still tender.
Taste: 3/5
Price: RM 200/ table
Food Type: Non – Halal
Payments Terms: Cash

TEL: 012-5179393/ 016-5035084 ( SEE BEE HWA)
GPS LOCATION: N 04 14.481′ E 100 4.0783′

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