Sushi Station which is having a big promo in front of its shop stated RM 16.80++ eat all you can with shabu shabu and more had attracted us to make our move there. But sad to say it really did not meet our expectations and it is only my first and the last service. Although it is reasonably priced but our visit there had brought us dissatisfaction overall and I think I am not going for another visit there again.

The shop which is named Sushi Station did not appearing to have much sushi at the first place. The taste of the sushi is even worst than the one I had in Sushi King either. The sushi rice is cold and I thinking the rice is not the sushi rice there are using but other some kind of rice. The sushi taste yucks and the choices are very limited. Worst of all, is I could not even held the sushi up and it will be falling apart when it is held. The taste of the sushi is kinda weird

As for the shabu shabu, that’s only one thing I can see are fishballs. And the prawns are also not fresh at all. The fish balls are many and what you see is only balls. As for rest of the prawns, the taste is ok but not that fresh. Nothing much that appeals to me though. The ice creams taste is not nice and the cups are also not specially clean. And the drinks are also having a weird taste.

As for the workers, gosh.. the service is simply bad. They did not care if the customer is there or not. We are nearly getting burn from the hot soup as they pour the soup without care. Other than that, they are really unfriendly and grumble a lot when we ask for something. Aside, the lady bos was only unfriendly when making payments. My entire mood to eat flew away… looking at the food and the service. =(

To conclude is my first visit and my final visit there.

Taste: 0/5
Price: RM 16.80 ++
Child RM12.80+
Not inclusive of 10% service charge
(Monday – Friday Only. Except Sat- Sun & Public Holiday)

TEL: 03-6257 5011

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