Housed in a converted bungalow, this restaurant is quietly elegant, with its wood-panelled flooring and soft lighting. The beautiful restaurant, attentive service, delicious Thai food for a range of prices is where you can find here in RamaV. The restaurant I can say is a purely Thai restaurant and the service is really excellent.

This visit- thanks to FoodStreet for having me there for a food with the RM20 rewards. This visit, we had step into the world of Thai in Rana V. The service which are really superb given us a home visit.

As starter, we make an order of3 cups of drinks which is lychee, ice lemon tea and cuppochino. The lychee is fresh and delighting and is a big lychee. Not too sweet and yet a superb taste.

I had a bitter ice lemon tea which is home made. Perhaps the lemon that day is too sour and the taste is too bitter sour as well which I had need to ask them to add more sugar onto it.

As for the ice cappuccino, the taste is the superb among all. The delighting taste of the superb cooling drink and the nice smell of coffee is simply delighting and nice.

As for food, we ordered 3 dishes. We are not aware of the dish which is served such a big plate. Hmm.. We had made an order of Tomyam Talay with Young Coconut. The spicy sour tomyam which the soup is clear is making our lips burning hot. The superb and fresh ingridients like seafood is simply delighting and thumbs up. he pure thai cooking is really amazed my taste buds.

The Tomyam Fish comparable, the taste is not as nice as the one in the Coconut. It is not much too spicy as well for the dish but the taste is simply nice as well.

We also made an order of Chicken with ginger. The tenderness of the chicken meat well cooked with a perfect temperature making it a superb for tasting.

Pineapple fried rice which is a big portion of it is really delighting. Serving in plate, the fried rice is well fried and adding in raisins making the rice sweet and much temptating. The rice is well fried and the combination of the rice is a perfect one.

Thanks again to Food Street for the coupons. Save when you dine.. Had given me to save and share my views on delighting food in Malaysia.. Yummy..

Iced Cappuccino: 4/5
Tomyam Talay with Young Coconut:5/5
Tomyam Fish:3/5
Chicken with ginger:5/5
Pineapple fried rice: 5/5

Longan: RM 9.00
Ice Lemon Tea: RM 8.00
Iced Cuppochino: RM 9.00
Tomyam Talay with Young Coconut: RM 25.00
Tomyam Fish:RM 16.00
Chicken with ginger:RM 24.00
Pineapple fried rice: RM 25.00

Prices are subjected to 10% service charge

Web: www.ramav.coom.my
Tel: 03-2143 2428/2663
Fax: 03-2143 2430
GPS LOCATION: N03⁰ 9.224 E101⁰ 43.428

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