Pasta Zanmai is the inspiration from the immense diversity of delicate and healthy Japanese food and the love for pasta. A creation from fresh & natural raw materials, prepared to perfection with original recipes. An experience of unique & delectable Japanese Pasta; a palate promised to be fondly appreciated.

The location? The Pasta Zanmai we went is located at the Old Wing of the 1-Utama Shopping Complex Ground Floor. The stylish thing here is where you can see the chefs behind the glass wall of the kitchen making pasta and doing some frying of tempura and many more. KLue had also reviewed the restaurant before which i had decided to make a visit there.

We ordered Green Tea for our drinks. The Green tea comes in a nice teapot. Judging from the look you should know it won’t be free green tea like what you usually get. The green tea had cost us RM 3 per person which is simply an expensive choice.

The visit this time we had make a few orders. One of it is the Short-neck Clam & Japanese Mushroom Soup Pasta set which comes with the seafood pasta with tomato sauce. It is said that Pasta Zanmai is famous for their serving of tomato sauce. It is served with clams and a prawn on it. The tomato sauce for the pasta i can say is simply too watery like it is not enough of pasta sauce and they had to add some water on it. Oh ya, the set comes with a soup and a salad which is not much a nice one comparing to the one in Sushi Zanmai.


She also ordered the Hotate Teriyaki which is dried scallop that is being bbq with teriyaki sauce. There are 4 scallops all total and is quite a big one. A typically Japanese dish that caught our eye from the appetizer section was some teriyaki grilled scallops. This is simply delighting where the combination is great with the Teriyaki sauce on it


As for Jerry, he made the order of the Ika Sumi Set. Ika to Ika Sumi no Pasta – “Surume” Squid & Squid-ink Pasta is what Jerry ordered which is ended with disappointment It is said in the menu ‘squid-ink pasta’ it was those black pasta that was made with squid ink. Not normal pasta that added squid ink as a sauce. Jerry was kinda disappointed and the taste is not above par.

Tori Garlic Rice is a combination of galic rice with deep fried chicken. The garlic rice is a bit overcooked and is too sticky like i am taking dumplings more than rice. Arghh… The taste of the chicken is quite nice i can say but i think they add in too much of Ajinamoto on it.

Overall, the meal to us is a bit disappointing and perhaps i can say we never walk in again.

Asari Kinots set: 1/5
Hotate Teriyaki: 3/5
Ika Sumi Set: 1/5
Tori Garlic Rice: 2/5

Asari Kinots set: RM 29.00
Hotate Teriyaki: RM 12.00
Ika Sumi Set: RM 23.00
Tori Garlic Rice: RM 13.00

G210B, Ground Flood Promenade,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1 Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel 03-7728 1210
Open : 10am-10pm (Sun-Thurs), 10am-10.30pm (Fri-Sat)
Cuisine Type Japanese/Italian (Halal)
Payment Types: Cash & Credit Card

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  1. CRIZ LAI says

    The only dish that caught my attention was the Hotate Teriyaki… I love this a lot. I guessed nowadays not many restaurants are having those great Japanese chef anymore. Some of those here are lacking in that unique taste too.

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