Zanmai Sushi @ 1- Utama

Having our meal is Zanmai Sushi again. This time, we goes for more choices is Sushi Zanmai. The Spider Roll is one of our choices. The Spider Roll which is the soft shell crab sushi roll to topped with Avogadro and cod roe mayonnaise is a choice not to be missed there. The taste of it is kinda special and authentic.

A pleasant dinner not to be missed here is the Sukiyaki. A Japanese style buffet which i can say is a delighting food during the rainy season. Having them in a cold weather is indeed really keep us warm. The Sukiyaki comes with sliced beef, bean curd and vegetables cooked with the soy- based soup. A nice and delighting one not to be missed.

Next come Tendon. Tendon is dear’s favorite where it furnished the assorted tempura on the rice. A yummy delighting one They also added some sea weed on top for furnishing.

Another one will be mine – Seafood Fried Rice. A fried rice with comes with seafood like squids and shrimps. Furnishing extra shrimps on top making it even a perfect meal.

We also make an order on the Ghoza which is very delicious and yummy. The ghoza is made from chicken meat and is well pan-fried..


Spider Roll: 4/5
Sukiyaki: 4/5
Tendon: 4/5
Seafood Fried Rice:4/5
Ghoza: 5/5


Spider Roller 12.80
Sukiyaki: RM 15.80
Tendon: RM 8.80
Seafood Fried Rice: RM 8.80
Ghoza: RM 9.00


SK9A, 2nd Floor Highstreet,
1-Utama Shopping Centre
Tel: 03-7724-2030
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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