A Western Delights @ O’Fren Café, Damansara Jaya

O Fren a new place where dear brought me and Carol for a try of western delights. This time, we went for a try in this restaurant which serves the authentic western delights. The restaurant was cozy and the service was excellent.

After we had make our ordering, drinks was being served and there are magazines to read while waiting for the food to arrived. We ordered some of the drinks inclusive a white coffee, a fresh apple juice and a cincau.


Chicken Chop was what dear had ordered this time. The chicken was being fried adn poured with the soury mushroom tomato sauce which make it nice. It is also added with the fries. With the perfect match of the sauce and the chicken, dear and me could not resist the taste and making them melts in our stomach. Yummy

As for me, i ordered the BBQ Chicken set where the chicken was being bbq and added with a nice delighting special bbq sauce. It served together with the mashed potato is even nicer. An excellent combination of meal

Lastly Carol ordered the chicken pasta that served with cheese and the white sauce makes Carol have it with a delighting smile and an enjoyable meal. Carol simply love the meal and no other words than a thumb up

Overall the meal is simply authentic and we give a thumbs up on this.

Chicken Chop : 5/5
Chicken Pasta : 5/5
BBQ Chicken : 5/5

Chicken Chop : RM 13.50
Chicken Pasta : RM 9.90
BBQ Chicken: RM 14.50
Fresh Juice: RM 3.50
White Coffee: RM 2.20
Cincau : RM 1.80

* Prices are not inclusive of 10% service charge and 5% government tax
27, Jalan SS22/19,
Damansara Jaya,
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7729 10668

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