A dine in Liittle Vietnam, Mid Valley

Little Vietnam is a place where you may find the delighting nice and yummy Vietnam food. A place which serves the authentic Vietnam choice. This time, i went with dear to grab the taste of Vietnamese food. This is my first time of trying the Vietnamese food.

According to dear, “pho” is one of the famous food from Vietnam. “Pho” a noodles with beef slices is what dear order. The noodles was nice and delighting. The overall taste is nice as reviewed by dear. The beef is well make and from my understanding, the cook is actually originated from Vietnam. So, dear give a thumb up on the meal.

As for me, i ordered the tomyam soup glass noodles. The taste is very spicy and taste wise is still ok. Just not to fresh on the seafood it self. The taste of it is still nice.

Lastly, we ordered a jug of lime tea which is a thumb up, The taste is kinda nice. The lime tea is quite souy

Pho Beef Slices: 4/5
Tomyam Soup Glass Noodles:3/5
1 jug of ice lime tea: 3/5

Pho Beef Slices:RM 12.80
Tomyam Soup Glass Noodles:RM 11.80
1 jug of ice lime tea:RM 8

* Prices are subject to 10% service charge

TO27, Level 3,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Kuala Lumpur

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