Delighting Japanese Cuisine @ Zanmai Sushi, 1 Utama

Again is Sushi Zanmai.. After having Sushi Zanmai, it seems like we are in love with it already. Today, me and dear was thinking to grab a bite of sushi again and we went with Lynn to have them. This time we had our sushi there. What we go for ?

Salmon Buteryaki is one of our food choice that day. The salmon was fresh and the taste is lovely according to Carolynn.

As for me, i love its garlic rice which i order a small portion. The garlic rice is having a nice smell of garlic and the taste is really authentic. Thought it is a small portion, but the set seems like quite full as well.

Aside, we also ordered a small Ebidon. The taste is simply amazing.

Dear also ordered some sushi which is quite nice inclusive the of unagi temaki, mini california and my favorite Kampyo Maki and Tamago Maki .
All are my favorites and the taste is very nice.

Other than that, we also ordered the abalone sushi which is really delighting. Much a much o say that’s our favorite. Yummy …

As for me , I ordered a simple garlic rice which is very nice as well. Nice and simple..

Dear ordered his favorite which I think it should be the mini California . The taste is simply authentic and being a MUST to order when ever he is there

Other than that, Carol ordered the Wasabillar. It is a susihi rolls with a design alike caterpillar and named wasabillar as it is stuffed with wasabi as well.

Salmon sushi is dear and Carol favorite for the freshness of the salmon. Yummy. Overall is a delighting dinner to go for.. which is the Zanmai Sushi

Overall : 4/5


Salmon Buteryaki : RM 12.80
Garlic Ric (Small) : RM 6.80
Ebidon (Small) : RM8.80
Unagi Temaki: RM3.80
Mini California: RM5.80
Kampyo Maki: RM1.60
Tamago Maki: RM1.60
Chuka Wakame: RM2.80
Chuka Kurage: RM3.80
Ni Hotate: RM3.80
Salmon: RM3.80
Wassabillar: RM12.80

* Price does not includes 10% Services Charges and 5% Government Tax

SK 9A, 2nd Floor High Street,
1 –Utama Shopping Complex
Tel: 03-7724 2030

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