Strawberry Churros and Strawberry Yogurt Cake @ CHURROS ROYALE

Churros Royale is a new concept style of snacks for youngsters. It is like sticks with the jam sauce or fillings in the center depending what you love to have. This is the first time i saw it in Low Yat Plaza where the stall is located near John King Egg Tart stall. The stall is simply a cute one indeed. Besides they served the Churros, they also served cakes as well where they are a number of variety.

The menu can be seen of variety of choices of churros and other food choice as well

This time, I bought a cake as well as the strawberry churros to have a try. The churros fillings can be choose whether you prefer chocolate, strawberry or wasabi. Em.. i choose strawberry for the churros and they also have the choices of normal churros with chocolate dipping. Em.. too many things .. maybe next time.

They also have the creamy churros which you can have them with the chocolate toppings as well

So, i just grab a strawberry churros and a strawberry yogurt cake. The first bite of the strawberry churros was like taking pisang goreng (fried banana) with the strawberry toppings. The taste is quite nice and the way they present it is also kinda cute and eye catching.

And the Strawberry Yogurt cake is simply delicious with the nice fresh strawberry on the top as well as the creamy yet sour strawberry yogurt. The overall taste i can say is nice and delighting. Yummy..

Strawberry Churros: 4/5
Strawberry Yogurt Cake: 4/5

Strawberry Churros: RM 2.20
Strawberry Yogurt Cake: RM 7.00

Lot LG K028, Plaza Low Yat

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