Salted Chicken Rice, Curry Pork Mee & Kerabu Fried Fish @ Relax Station, Taman Mayang

Relax Station which is situated at SS26 is my favorite spot of food when i am thinking of the Salted Chicken Rice Set. This place is a cozy place which furnish with wifi for customer to use when you are there having your meals. So, for this journey, as usual i went for the salted chicken rice set for my meal . This salted chicken rice set comes with a quarter chicken as well as some kei chi inside as well. it is salty soup as well and the taste is nice.

As for dear, he ordered the curry pork mee which taste not bad. The mee is furnish with the normal curry mee taste but a bit thicker curry and added with pork on top of it instead of shrimps and other seafood in the curry mee. The taste is not bad.. and i think this had become dear favorite already as everytime we went there, it seems this is a must for dear.

Lastly we ordered some snacks which is the Kerabu Fried Fish. The taste of it is not bad.. it is the normal kerabu with comes with red chilies, onions and lime added to the fried fish. The taste is quite nice as well.

Salted Chicken Rice: 5/5
Curry Pork Mee:3/5
Kerabu Fried Fish:3/5

Salted Chicken Rice: RM 6.80
Curry Pork Mee: RM 4.80
Kerabu Fried Fish: RM 3.80

Relax Station Restaurant @ Tmn Mayang Jaya
22 Jalan SS 26/4,
Taman Mayang Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03 7804 9220

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