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Nyonya Colors at 1-Utama is a place where you can find the authentic Nyonya Food even though you are not in Malacca. This place served a varities of local nyonya delights which you can find in melacca. They served Nyonya food like Nyonya Laksa as well as Melacca favorite Nyonya Kuih.

What I can taste here is indeed a supreme nice nyonya kuih. There is a varieties of Nyonya Kuih here which catches my mouth and I simply would like to get more. It is recommended to go early to get them as if you are there in the evening, there is not much choices available.

This time dear grab the delighting Nasi Kunyit which are served together with curry chicken. This is mostly served during the full moon of the babies. The food here I can say is simply delighting and is nice. There is potatos that are served with the curry chicken and the nasi kunyit is made of kunyit which make the rice yellowish.

As for me, I ordered the mee siam which is a bit alike of kerabu bihun. The mee siam is served hot and it comes with slices of eggs and fried taufu on it. The packet of it is not too small and the taste is a bit sour.

Dear ordered the pulut Tai tai which taste quite nice as well. Recommended.

Lastly, I had a bowl of chendol. The chendol is not too sweet and it is served with gula Melaka. Overall the meal here is consider affordable and the price is not too expensive

Nasi Kunyit + Curry Chicken : 4/5
Chendol: 3/5
Thai Mee Siam : 4/5
Pulut Tai Tai : 4/5

Nasi Kunyit + Curry Chicken : RM 8.90
Chendol: RM 3.30
Thai Mee Siam : RM 2.50
Pulut Tai Tai : RM 1.00

Nyonya Colors
1st Floor, Old Wing 1-Utama,
Petaling Jaya
Tel #: 603-7729 2888
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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