Melaka Delights at My Kitchen Restaurant, Sunway Mas

My Kitchen Restaurant which is located at Sunway Mas is a place which you can find the Malacca Cuisine in KL. The food here is more on Malacca dishes which you can find one of the famous one will me the Malacca Chicken Rice.

The shop is located just opposite the Restaurant 88 which I love the fried –stir there. What we have there? Since my favorite is simply a durian, without hesitation I grab a taste of the durian cake which is nice. The cake is tender as well as spongy as well. There is a heavy smell of durian on the cake as well.

What I ordered is the Melaka Chicken Ball Rice. The taste is not bad except the ball rice is quite sticky. Not comparing on the chicken as Ipoh Bean sprout Chicken will taste nicer. The taste is not bad and quite delighting as well.

It also served us with soup as well. But for me, I don really love the soup as it is a bit salty.

Dear ordered the chicken chop rice. The taste is quite nice and the chicken is well fried. Nice taste.

As for drinks, dear go for lychee pineapple which is just a normal drink from the can.

The chendol taste is nice as well. Comparable to the Melaka Chendol, the taste is simply nice and not too sweet. I had tasted the one in Jonker 88 which is extremely sweet but this one is nice and delighting still.

Overall the meal is delighting and nice.

Personal Chicken Rice Ball: 4/5
Chicken Chop Rice: 3/5
Chendol: 3/5
Durian Cake (2pcs): 4/5
Lychee Pineapple: 3/5

Personal Chicken Rice Ball: RM4.50
Chicken Chop Rice: RM 6.90
Chendol: RM2.40
Durian Cake (2pcs): RM2.40
Lychee Pineapple: RM3.90

Address :
My Kitchen
No: 26-1, Jalan PJU 1/3B
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre,
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel/Fax: 03-7880 8726

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