The Signature Wan Tan Mee @ Canton-I, 1-Utama

Canton-I is one of the most famous restaurant for its specialty Wan Tan Mee. The Wan Tan Mee here is selling like hot cakes. While waiting for food, I snap the cutlery set as well as the table equip with the beautiful tissue packets.

This time, me and dear simply went there just to try it extremely nice and delighting wan tan mee which is my love.

The wantan mee here is having big big prawns inside the wantan which really making me cannot resist top have more. The wantan after a bite of it will have the soup pinch out of my mouth which make it even delicious.

So, we ordered two plates of the wantan mee which one is the dry wantan mee and another is the soup wantan mee , one of each. Overall the wantan mee no matter is the dry one or the soup one is nice as well.

We also ordered the Egg Tart which the taste is really nice and delighting as well. The egg tart crust is really melts in the mouth wit the hot and just out from the oven taste is simply amazing and nice. The golden yellow egg tart really nice and it is worth for the money though it is a bit expensive. It is really a Truly Hong Kong Cuisine.

Lastly, I grab a bowl of tau fu fa as a dessert which is very nice as well. The tau fu fa is tender and nice as well as delighting.

Wan Tan Mee (Dry) : 5/5
Wan Tan Mee (Soup) : 5/5
Egg Tart: 5/5
Tau Fu Fa: 5/5

Wan Tan Mee (Dry) : RM 12.90
Wan Tan Mee (Soup) :RM 11.90
Egg Tart: RM5.00
Tau Fu Fa:RM 8

Address :
G208, Ground Floor,
1-Utama Shopping Complex,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7729 7888
Fax: 03-7729 7888
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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