Nasi Lemak Ayam & Roti Bakar Kaya @ Kluang Station, 1-Utama

Kluang Station is me and dear choice whenever we are down in One- UTama. This shop is famous for the nasi lemak where both of us like it so much and never miss whenever we are there for meal. As usual, I will definite to order the tea or the coffee which is very nice …

This time me and dear grab the order of the Nasi Lemak ayam which is the signature dish of the shop. The nasi lemak ayam is simply nice and it comes with Sambal as well as cucumber and a piece of extraordinary nice delighting chicken.

Lastly, as advertised in the menu, the roti bakar kaya is also the specialties of the shop and we grab to order for the delighting roti bakar… without any hesitation. Comparing with Old Town, roti bakar in old town is indeed nicer than Kluang Station. Neverless, the taste is not bad..

Overall this meal is simply delighting as well.

Nasi Lemak Ayam: 4/5
Roti Bakar Kaya: 3/5

Nasi Lemak Ayam: RM 7.90
Roti Bakar Kaya: Rm 2.00

Kluang Station
LG337, One Utama Shopping Centre,
Tel/FaxL 03-7710 1039
email: [email protected]
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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