Meals @ Zanmai Sushi, 1-Utama

Zanmai Sushi is one of my favorite and I had been addicted to it. When ever I think of Sushi.. I will be perfectly crazy and my selection will be the one in Zanmai. So for this time, me and dear was indulge with soft shell crab and we ordered a softshell crab sushi for a try.

I can say the Crab Maki was simply a delighting one where the crab is being fried and then it is cut into smaller pieces and chucked in the middle of the sushi. It is simply delighting and oishi and the crab is fresh and not much oil.

We also ordered dear’s favorite which is the salmon salad Tamayaki where dear claims that the salmon is sliced nice and fresh. The salmon tamayaki is served like an ice cream rolled where it the middle, they add in some vege, carrots and cucumber and salmon on top. Besides, there is some mayonnaise added into it as well.

As for me, I love the kani tamago maki which is the combination of kanikama and tamago. This is where the sushi is wrapped both crab stick as well as egg. Oishi desu ne… which I love this a lot .

Chawan Mushi is another I ordered to try but for this one, I still prefer the one from sushi king. Maybe of the thick taste of the fish inside which make it kinda a raw taste which I don’t really love. But dear comment is nice.

We also ordered the shayu ramen a small one which is both of our favorite. The shayu ramen is nice and delighting with the anticipating nice taste of the soup and the soft noodles taste. Even though we just ordered a small one but the volume is also quite big.

Other than that, we ordered futokami where I did not manage to taste seems I am kinda full. Dear and his cousin says it is not bad and is nice. Not much comment from both of them on this

Koon, his cousin ordered the Chicken Katsu Curry. The curry was not a like Malaysian curry which is spicy but the different is theirs is more concentrate on the spices and not the spiciness but in Malaysia we prefer them to be hot and spicy. If you like spicy, it will be a disappointment. Overall, Koon just say not bad. Not much comment .


Crab Maki: 5/5

Kanimayo Maki : 5/5

Kanitamago Maki: 4/5

Futokami: 4/5

Salmon Salad Tamayaki: 5/5

Chicken Katsu Curry: 3/5

Chawan Mushi: 3/5

Shayu Ramen: 5/5

Crab Maki: RM6

Kanimayo Maki : RM 4.80

Kanitamago Maki : RM 2.80

Futokami: RM1.60

Salmon Salad Tamayaki: RM2.80

Chicken Katsu Curry: RM10.80

Chawan Mushi: RM4.80

Shayu Ramen: RM6.80

SK9A, 2nd Floor Highstreet,

1-Utama Shopping Centre

Tel: 03-7724-2030
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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  1. Wind says

    this is a fushion restaurant combine japan and italian on some of the menu.over all food is ok ,suitable to local that love more heavy taste japan food and is good place for gatering cause of the choices of menu they provide ..

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