Klang Bak Kut The @ Restaurant Chee Guan, Klang

Went for Bak Kut Teh (BKT) at where.. the famous town for this BKT which is Klang. Klang is well known for this simply delicious pork herbal soup. The BKT here is already famous and this time, we called the locals in Klang for help on taking us to the nice BKT. Darren, a local in Klang took us for this BKT from Restaurant Chee Guan.

The Restaurant is a quite old restaurant which served BKT. Firstly the waitress will bring a box with a varieties of Chinese tea for us to choose. After choosing the chinese tea, we then we are asked on parts of the pig we prefer. Some of it is like the intestine, the belly, the pig tail and many other more.
After choosing them, the cook will then prepared them in a big clay pot bowl to serve us.

We also ordered the a plate of vege as well as a add on. The taste of bak kut teh was great. The soup is good as it is not too much herbs on it. As for ingredients wise, the ingredients is fresh as well and the taste is nice and yummy.

Overall i can say this bak kut teh is my favorite and a delighting one with a cheap price.

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 56.00 for all.

Restaurant Chee Guan,
Jalan Chan Ah Choo,
Pandamaran, Klang

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