Dim Sum Delights @ Foh San

Foh San Dim Sum again with dear in Ipoh again. This time, we reached there a bit late. In order to have a variety of dim sum in Fu San, a way to have it is to enjoy them longer and reach there earlier. What I notice is the dim sum release is by batch by batch. So you have to wait sometimes for your favorites

This are some dim sum we ordered. One of it is the siew mai. The siew mai is nice where it is made of minced pork.

Fishballs are also available that day. It comes with two fish balls in a plate. The fish balls are being steam and it us served hot

We had as well the Fried ha kuen which is dim sum being fried. It is actually prawns wrapped together with pork and some thin soya slice and being fried. It is served hot with mayonnaise.

The last one is the porridge which is not bad. We ordered the chicken porridge which is served hot with slices of chicken meat in it.

Siew Mai: 4/5
Fish Balls: 3/5
Ha Kuen: 4/5
Chicken Porridge: 3/5

Siew Mai: RM 3
Fish Balls: RM 3
Ha Kuen: RM 5
Chicken Porridge: RM 6

* Charges will be added with 5% government tax.

Address :
51, Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-2540308
Fax: 05-2535432
Web: www.fushan.com.my

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