Sushi Zanmai@ 1-Utama

Sushi Zanmai had been our hot spot for Japanese cuisine ever since our first trip there. Not spending time crapping on those services or food, to conclude the food here is extremely nice and delighting with a splendid service and a reasonable price.

After our big disappointment in Sakae, we headed to Zanmai for our meal. While waiting, I had nothing to do but to snap the pictures of the nice green tea offered

This time we ordered the Sushi which is the Ika is nice. Ika is one of the sushi which comes with thin slices of cuttle fish which is cut very thin and is kind of raw.

Besides we ordered the kampyo maki which which is my favorite and my usual ordering when I am stepping in to any sushi or Japanese cuisine. Overall I can say sushi is well make as well

Dear also ordered Soft Shell Crab Okonomi. Soft Shell Crab Okonomi here is simply delighting. It is simply a special meal which the soft shell crab serving is looks like pizza which is with cheese. Is a special meal indeed.

we also ordered the Garlic Rice which this rice is fried with Garlic and egg. Overall I can say the fried rice is cooked well and it has a nice smell and is very oishi.

At last, dear ordered is Tuna Salad Temaki. This Tuna Salad Temaki is dear favorite which dear ordered every time he is there. Overall I can say is the tuna is well wrapped.

Sushi Ika: 4/5
Soft Shell Crab Okomi: 4/5
Kampyo Maki: 5/5
Garlic Rice:5/5
Tuna Salad Temaki:5/5

Sushi Ika: RM 2.80
Soft Shell Crab Okomi: RM 12.80
Kampyo Maki: RM 1.60
Garlic Rice: RM 6.80
Tuna Salad Temaki : RM 2.80

Add: Sushi Zanmai,
SK 9A. 2nd Floor, High Street,
1-Utama Shopping Centre,
Tel: 03-7724 2030

GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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