Shilin Taiwan street

Shilin Taiwan Street food had been blogged by many food bloggers.. and I had been to try since many claims that’s its nice. Usually, the small shop is packed with people since the shop does not accommodate not much space to sit.

This time when I went there it is kinda late d.. at last I managed to find a place to sit ..hehe.. SO, lets see what we ordered. We ordered both the specialty which one is the oyster and another is the chicken set.

The oyster mee suah that dear ordered is simply delighting and the mee suah is tender and smooth. Futhermore the oyster is also quite big as well.. YUMMY

The HAPPY MEAL chicken rice set is very temptating as well. You can choose to grab the spicy one or non spicy. Other than that, it is served with prickles and taufu as well. Overall is very yummy.

Oyster Mee Suah: 5/5
Happy Meal (CHICKEN SET) :4/5
Oyster Mee Suah: RM 6
Happy Meal (CHICKEN SET) : RM 10

Venue: 1-Utama 3rd Floor near TGV Cinema
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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