Othello cup cake from Cup Cake Chics , Pavillion

A small birthday sweet cake from dear.As we don have any place to keep the cake if we are supposed to buy a big one, dear bought me my favorite small cup cake from Cup Cake Chics at Pavillion. I had actually been to this shop before which they have one in The Curve.. which few months back. The shop is actually selling cup cakes of different flavors, from chocolate to tiramisu.

The cup cake is a bit sweet but very nice to eat. But I cant imagine that it is sweeter when my dear bought me this. Thanks a lot dear. Neverless, though is a small little cup cake, I love it so much.

Taste : 4/5
Price: RM 4.50 each
Location: Pavillion , Kuala Lumpur Base ment just around J Co Donut

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