Meals in EastCoast Mall, Pahang

East Coast mall is a brand new mall in Pahang which just opened for business not long and this time in our journey to Kuantan, I do not resist having a try in the food court there. It is situated at the top floor of the mall as usual.. and there is ample of sitting place availability there.

So, we started do our ordering as the style is similar with other food courts in Malaysia. Choices of food is moderate not too say less but not much as well. We ordered some of the food there which is inclusive of the fruity ice blended. By seeing its nice colors, I have no hesitation to ordered them

The fruity ice blended is similar like ABC but only the changes is on the ingredients where they put fruits rather than others.

Carolynn and Ah Lynn ordered the ABC. The ABC was simply nice as well.. which not too sweet. Oishi.

As for carol mum, she ordered the chicken chop. The taste is nice and delighting as well. As expected, the taste is quite delighting and the sauce is nice.

Me and dear ordered the Korean sushi.. er.. so so lo the kOrean style of sushi. Normal only. Nothing much to compare.

Carolynn ordered the kim chi mee which was really nice and the taste of kimchi indeed is delighting as well.

Lastly, this is what I regretted I ordered which is the mushroom soup that don taste really nice. Yucks

1. fruity ABC : 3/5
2. ABC:3/5
3. Chicken Chop:4/5
4. Korean Sushi :2/5
5. Kim Chi Mee:4/5
6. Mushroom soup:0/5

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