Dim Sum @ Fu San, Ipoh

Fu San as we all know is famous for dim sum and the dim sum here is extremely ho chak. What can i say about the dim sum here is nice and delicious..and many people had been travelling back all over just to have a bite of the dim sum here. Usually, the shop is packed during weekends..and the queue is extremely long as well for waiting for places to sit or even you would like to ta pau.

The new building of Fu san consisits of 3 floors where the first and second floor are open for visitors and third one is for VIPs and events handling. So, you no longer need to worry on no place to sit when you come over here for meal. What you need to worry is on the parking places.. 😛

Now, the shop had shift to the same row of the dim sum street which locates Look Foke Moon and others. what will the results be? will all the customer runs to Fu San? One thing not really good is you hardly can find parking places.. and you need to park away a few street adn walk over to taste the oishi food.

There is a numerous tyes of dim sum which is available daily from normal usual dimsum like har kau, siew mai, pau and more.. and there are also fried dim sum and egg tarts available too. See what are some nice food we had ordered.. and all the things at the shop is a new one.. haha
As for this time, we got a chance to go up to the VIP room to take some pictures.. and here is it

Fu San Dim Sum
Along Jalan Leong Sin Nam
Open daily, off on Tuesday except Tues is a public holiday, it will be opened

taste: 5/5

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