Chily Chicken Rice & Kampar Mee @ Wai Sek Kai, SS2

Is SS2 again for meals. .. and this time dear go for the chilly chicken rice which is not bad. The stall is located around the sushi corner at Wai Sek Kai. Dear said this chilly chicken rice was simply delicious and dear love is so much I can say … he irresistible to tell me how much he love the meal.. so I can say that it is nice.. as the chicken is well cooked and the gravy is nice as well.

As for me , the Kampar Mee was not oishi at all.. and is a big disappointment. The taste is ok but the ingridients is not that fresh. Overall, I don like them and dear too.. but I can say the soup is not bad.

Chilly chicken rice: 5/5
Kampar Mee: 1/5

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