Cheap Nyonya Delights in Pulau Tikus Market, Penang

If you feel like having Nyonya style food and having budget constraint .. you can try to tap au ( take home ) dish from this stall in Pulau Tikus market. As we know, having nyonya dishes in the restaurant will be expensive comparing to other food. Nyonya food is mainly origin from Melaka which this dishes all are being cooked from the combination of Malay and Chinese ethics. As in Malaysia a multi cultural country, nyonya food is widely found in Penang as well as Melaka as well.

I always tapau my delicious favorite nyonya dishes from a stall in Pulau Tikus. This stall is located at the corner of the market itself which you can find them along the market roadside. The stall it self is along Jalan Pasar which you can see a newspaper stall on your left and this stall will be on your right. It is basically open daily Monday – Sunday during the early morning market till about 11 am.

In here, you can find a large varities of food which inclusive of nyonya style acar fish, kapitan chicken, vege acar and more. I can see the food varities which I snap.. and I dono which to order since I love almost everything of it.

Here I can find the acar fish which is mainly made of fish and yellow kunyit which is simply oishi. Acar Fish which is simply nice..and the fish is fresh .. the cooking method I ma not too sure.. but what I notie is they fried the fish and adding in some chilies and kunyit to cook till it turns to golden yellow.

Besides that, I also love acar timun which is a bit different from the acar fish as the cooking method is different. For this one they don’t put kunyit but they put some vege like cucumber (timun), pineapple as well as long beans in it.

Jiew Hu Char is a dish made up mainly of shredded vegetables like turnip, carrot, and cabbage and fried together with thinly shredded dried cuttlefish can also be found here. This is a very nice nyonya dishes and I love to have them with sambal.

Other than than you can find the sambal and some fried onions in the stall which you can purchased home to eat…

Some other dishes you can find includes otak otak, fried fish, kapitan curry chicken and more. The food overall can say is nice and yummy and if you are unable to find which stall it should be perhaps you can recognize the seller itself.

Nice and cheap nyonya style food… is my favorite.. i cant wait to go back to Penang to eat

Taste: 5/5
Price: depends on the dishes ordered
Location: Along Pulau Tikus Market, Penang

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