Belacan Fried Rice & Hainanese Chicken Chop at Kluang station, 1-Utama

We had meal in Kluang Station again. This time we ordered a simply different food from our usual delights. So, this time me and dear had ordered belacan fried rice as well as the Hainanese Chicken Chop from there.. Imagine how will it look for a Malaysian cuisine restaurant to have Hainanese Chicken Chop in their list which is kindly unexpected.

The food reach kinda fast today..and we din have much time to play the i-touch as well. Usually, thats our toys during meals.. haha.. or i will be with my phone or my camera phone on this moment to snap things around with my K800i handphone.

Here comes my meal. My belacan fried rice is indeed special and nice + delighting as well. The meal was great and the taste was superb. Everything is really nice and oishi. Love the taste very much. The belacan smell is nice as well .. and this time when we were there, there is a special promo of having the coffee or tea on a special price of RM 0.90 which is a cut down price of RM 2.80 from the usual price.

Yummy .. yeah.. as for dear’s Hainanese Chicken Chop, dear commented is so so only .. Not really nice. Hainanese chicken chop is mainly comes with the mushroom sauce and mushroom with some peas as well as corn scattered around the chicken chop. The taste is so so only . ..

Overall the meal is considered not bad since the fried chicken is famous for this place.

Belacan fried rice: 4/5
Hainanese Chicken Chop: 2/5
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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