Pasembur, Popiah and Yong Tau Fu @ Padang Brown, Penang

Padang Brown is another place for hawker delights in Penang. You can find quite a number of popular secrets food which is nice and tempating in there..and this time without any hesitation, I brought dear there to taste the local yummy delicious food..

The place I can say is not a big restaurant where you can expect but it is a small little place of food corner. And the place is kinda hot as well.. as there is no aircond there.. so if you are bearable of the hot weather then is not a prob.

We ordered a few specialties .. one of it is the famous popiah. The popiah here is very famous and you need to wait a while to have them.. So, you should try it. It is not much different from any usual popiah.. but maybe due to the fresh ingredients and the way they wrap it makes it taste even nicer.

Besides Popiah, another most wanted famous is also the yong tau fu. I can say the queue for the yong tau fu is extreme long and we have to wait a long time to purchase them and most of it is self service. SO, can u imagine how good business. I can say the yong tau fu here is real nice and much recommended.

Lastly we ordered another famous food there which is the pasembur. This pasembur stall is one of the famous food and is totally I can say is no 1 in Penang. The pasembur is served which crackers as well as mengkuang and other vege like cucumber and taufu as well.

Overall I can say you can find almost all de famous food in Padang Brown which is located near Jalan Anson.

Taste: 5/5 for all food

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