Secret Recepies: Mango delights, New York Cheese

Is cake time and this time, we went to Secret Recepies for the yummy cake since this shop is famous for cakes. So, let see what cake we ordered. Since yesterday, dear took the Banana Choc cake, we wont ordered it this time even though this is the signature cake of the shop.

What we ordered are the Mango Delights as well as the Signature Cheese Cake which is the New York cheese cake. Both this cake is simply delicious.

The Mango Delights is simply fabulous as you can taste the mango inside the cake and there are pieces of mango as well as the creamy mango taste on the cake itself. Overall I can say is also very nice but just too creamy

The new york cheese cake is one of the famous and a simply oishi cake which I can say no one will resist. Overall the cake is simply delicious and recommended.
New York Cheese Cake: 5/5
Mango Delights: 4/5

Price: RM 6.90 each not including tax
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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