Chicken Rice @ Lou Wong, Ipoh, Perak

Yucks yucks Yucks.. this is the worst chicken rice I had so far… I wont be going to Lou Wong for chicken rice again… I nearly felt really yucks wif the chicken rice there.. Not much to say, the restaurant is famous among tourist and we plan to have a try since Vkeong and The Star did mention that it is famous.. But I am being told by the locals is not lou wong but is another one which is Ong Kee. Ong Kee, I had tried on my last trip and is real yummy..

The shop of Ong Kee and Lou Wong is just next to each other so many people may attracted to Lou Wong since the shop is bigger. So, let see, we sit at the corner next to the place they served the chicken and I can see how they deliver them. The sales I can see is real good.

So,what we ordered is a set for 2 chicken rice and firstly they served with the taugeh. The taugeh is still considerable ok .. The taste is not so bad .. and we can see the taugeh (brean sprout) which is served is a fat fat one. You can see the bean sprout size is a bit differ from the usual chicken rice we had.

And then, here comes the chicken and the rice. Rice is quite normal .. nothing special as it is served with white rice not the chicken rice which is more oily. The chicken is really yucks.. The taste is the taste of the chicken is very weird.. we need to drink the water every time we had the chicken.. Gosh and that’s terrible… and both of us unable to finish the meal even though we are real hungry..

And I manage to snap a picture of the dirty kitchen as if it is there.. and is real dirty.. yucks..After having this, dear sakit perut pula.. so no more we are coming back!!

taste: 0/5
Price: RM 14.50
Restaurant Taugeh Ayam Lou Wong (Ipoh) Sdn Bhd
49, Jalan Yau Tet Shin,
3000, Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-254 4199

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